Your Private Safe Deposit Box in the Land of the Sparbuch

for The Q Wealth Report

One thousand tons of reinforced concrete surround the vault, which is protected by the most sophisticated electronic security system. The building is guarded day and night.

Your personal safe is available five days a week, excluding public holidays. The sizes range from a height of 9 cm up to the size of a wardrobe. Extras such as secure transport boxes, copy machines, telephones and document shredders are at your convenience and disposal, as well as a furnished conference room you can rent for your meetings.

You can rent your safe completely anonymously. You don’t have to give a name…. just choose a password and you get two keys – one for you, and maybe one for a trusted friend or relative. The safe box centre is run by a private company, not a bank, so it is completely divorced from the international banking system. It’s been there, at the same address, for as long as I can remember, since the good old days when I used to travel to Vienna to do business with the old anonymous passbook bank accounts – the famous Sparbuch, and the Wertpapierbuch.

This place might be the ultimate safe haven where you can store valuable documents, precious metals like gold and silver, gemstones and anything else small and portable. And for residents of most countries, there is absolutely no requirement to declare assets like these on your tax return.

The place we are talking about is in Vienna, Austria, a stable, discreet country – one of the few countries on earth that has “eternal neutrality” written into its constitution. The safe deposit facility is run by Das Safe.

SAFE Wertfachvermietungsges.m.b.H.
Auerspergstrasse 1, A-1080 Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43-1-406 61 74, Fax: +43-1-408 49 76

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