Your Apple devices will be targeted by cybercriminals in 2016

apple pay securityDo you use an Apple device? A Mac? An iPhone? An iPad? If you are, keep reading because experts are predicting that cybercriminals will target Apple in 2016.

Why? Due to the popularity of Apple products, this literally paints a target on Apple and its products. “While the total number of threats targeting Apple devices remains low compared with Windows and Android, Symantec is seeing the range of threats multiply.”

Please read the entire article for the complete prediction.

After reading the article you may be wondering, “What can I do?” Glad you asked. There are actually at least three things you can do.

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Regardless of what platform is your choice for computing, act early in 2016 to protect your privacy and security and your devices.

Here is a video from Frederick D. our Computer Security Expert… See what he has to say here about Computer Security Solutions and how you can protect yourself.

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