Why We Went Dark (And why we’re back)

We are back. After almost three years of radio silence, Q Wealth Report is being reanimated and brought out from the shadows to light up the maze-like path to freedom, prosperity and security in our increasingly dark world.

Many of you will reasonably be asking ‘why now?’ That’s a good question, and the answer lies in the confluence of different factors, both internal and external.

So here we go:

On the internal, practical side – it has simply become possible again. Three years ago, we took the decision to focus solely on serving our individual clients in a private capacity. At the time, it was the rational and reasonable thing to do.

Now, our team has reached the size and strength where we can maintain our consulting capacity while also pursuing a robust new editorial line.

This might be a good point to introduce our new Editor, Daniel Lucas. Daniel has years of experience working in the fields of digital media and economic research, with a particular focus on Asian emerging economies.

He’s very much a PT, keeping on the move and exploring the diverse opportunities that the world has to offer.

You can look forward to him bringing that blend of economic understanding, global insight and the mentality of freedom we hold so central to our guiding principles to our upcoming publications.Now to the external reasons: it’s reasonable to consider the last 30 years as an ‘era’.

This was a time when western dominance mostly went unchallenged, and the world was defined by a unipolar, largely cohesive drive towards economic integration and common markets: a period of unashamed, technological, cultural, political and economic globalization.

There are many indications that the key defining characteristics of this era are now starting to fizzle out, or at least change.

And the consequences that will have on the economic, political and social stability of many parts of the world, both in developed and developing economies – is far from certain. 

Without going into the details of each potential disaster zone – or trying to sensationalize any of it – we simply thought now would be a good time to begin publishing material that will help our members navigate the challenges the world will be throwing at us in the years to come. 

What to expect from the new Q Wealth:

  • A broader focus on international opportunities for residency and long term investment
  • A detailed look at new technologies and how they impact our freedom
  • No-nonsense insights into the crypto space 
  • A serious, clear-eyed analysis of the important issue of identity security
  • Specialized understanding of how to navigate the compliance maze
  • Continued, updated and detailed breakdowns of secure asset options

Taken together, these areas of focus will provide all the practical information and insight anyone needs to begin structuring their finances and life in a way that is secure and ready for the political and economic challenges that will define the near future. 

We will cover these issues in regular Q Bytes columns from our in-house editorial team and contributing panel of experts, as well as free, practical reports for our subscribers and detailed, actionable premium reports for our paid members.

The first free report for our members is in fact already available, fresh and ready for the exciting, volatile times ahead in 2020. It’s a guide to some of the key areas to watch and consider going into the future, and will provide a taste of what to expect from us in the coming weeks and months.

Our members can access this report for free. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can join our mailing list here. Once you’ve joined, you can access the free report in the Member Report section of our site.

For paid Q Wealth Members members, we will soon be releasing a series of new reports that provide actionable investment information, detailed analytics and insider insights into the realms of offshore banking, stable residencies, secure assets, digital security, and a lot more.

A Q Wealth Membership currently only costs $5 a year but it’s not going to remain at this low price for long.

As always, we will also be more than happy to hear from you, so if you have any questions about the road ahead, feel free to get in touch at any time.

Otherwise, just sit back and get ready for an exciting ride into the brave new world, with Q Wealth at your side.

The Q Wealth Team

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