Where in the World Are the Adventurous Developers? (Investing In Ecuador)

By Adam Richardson

Overlooked and underdeveloped, there are still many places in the world where fortunes could be made…that is, if only people would break out of their comfort zones and go there!

business opportunity in Ecuador
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I recently caught up with a new friend of mine, a real estate investment consultant in Ecuador, about what was going on in his part of the world.

We talked about this and that for a while but soon enough (as it usually does when we speak) the conversation turned into a discussion about undervalued business opportunities.  As we spoke my friends voice got louder, more excited.

There is money to be made in building and real estate development in Ecuador right now…and not many people are doing it!

I have to say that his enthusiasm was contagious, and by the end of the call I was tempted to jump on the next plane to Ecuador!

After all, I have a background in new home construction and development – and it looks like there are some real business opportunities in Ecuador right now.

See if you feel the same way I did after reading what my friend has to say about the Ecuador in general, and Salinas in particular.

Investing in Ecuador.
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Business Opportunities In Ecuador

by a Q Wealth Guest Expert

I woke up today, plagued by a common thought of mine and frequent conversation topic among my circle friends: Where in the world are the adventurous builders/developers?

As I started off my day with a Macchiato cup of coffee, perfectly made, looking over the glorious Pacific Ocean, on yet another sunny day in Salinas, Ecuador, this puzzling question was ever present.

I looked all around me, the bustling streets along the vaunted Salinas Malecón (Boardwalk) filled with Expats from the USA, Canada, Russia and all points in Western Europe. They have arrived throughout Ecuador’s gorgeous Pacific Coast in search of a retirement dream, a new adventure, or just to expand their investment portfolio diversity.

Being a real estate investment consultant, many of these fine folks are my clients. However, given my background, heavy in commercial real estate, I couldn’t help but wistfully wonder again, “Where are the international builders/developers?

Ecuador is a land of opportunity, with exceptional values.

Note, I stressed the “value”, not how cheap it is.

Ecuador is cheap, but more importantly, it is also great value.

Back in many of the so-called “industrial nations”, or the even more loathsome moniker “First World nations”, construction and development projects, just aren’t what they used to be.

Material and labor costs have skyrocketed, profit margins are sharply down, and the plethora of willing buyers, ready to dump cash on the developers doorstep, has long vanished. This is true whether what is being built is the next ritzy condo high-rise, a bucolic suburban gated estates community, or the next major regional retail mall. So, why aren’t more global builder/developers here in Ecuador?

The answer seems quite clear.

In a rare reversal of the norm, the “regular Joe” has begun discovering Ecuador, ahead of the alleged “smart money”.

If the global builder and developer community were to take a glance at Ecuador, they would find a land with cheap labor, exceptional raw material values and pent up, unmet demand across many real estate market sub-sector categories. Profit margins here are extremely healthy and demand even stronger, for a diverse mix of projects from entry level condos, to gated active lifestyle retirement communities, as well as commercial projects, from Class A office projects to retail strip centers.

My real estate firm actually has a confirmed, existing waiting list that grows longer every day, of willing buyers or long-term lessees, for any of the mentioned categories of real estate…and many more.

Now I know what many reading this might be thinking, “Yeah, sure, but what about me? I don’t have a few million dollars just lying about to kick start one of these projects.”

Well, you don’t need anywhere near that much.

Remember my mention of cheap labor and material costs. A good quality parcel of land, depending on your preferred location of choice, can run you only $25,000 – $100,000. Carrying costs? How about an annual tax payment of $100-$300? Yes, that figure is annual!

One can get started small in this market, given all the strong demand. Building a two-story, four unit condo building, done to the right specs, is extremely cost-effective and viable, with exceptional return rates.

Better yet, as I already stated, a built-in client buyer base is already on a waiting list, for the right property. The most astute amongst the readers will ask, “So what constitutes the right property”? Many details go into this analysis and some variables differ, depending on the category of project to be built.

If anyone is truly interested in exploring this option to the fullest, as a privilege to Q Wealth Report Members, we are offering free consultations.

Anyone with a genuine interest in exploring building and development opportunities in Ecuador can contact me, personally, at [ Reserved For Q Wealth Members  Only!  Already A Member?  Request Contact Details From [email protected]]

Not yet a member?  For only the price of a good meal you could become a full Q Wealth Member.  A whole new world of information and opportunities is at your fingertips…for an investment so small, what do you have to lose?


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  1. Ecuador will charge you close to $400 a day for every day your foreign car is inside the country over 90 days. The roads are all blocked by police controls everywhere, wanting to "see your papers" If there not in order your car will be confiscated. You lumber will be confiscated with out a"guia de movilacion" also your cattle, horses etc.Your land will be invaded by squatters, and the leftest govt will back them. Your house will be burglarized and your hired help will turn on you. If you need to live in a gated community, that tells you what the crime rate is. Secuestro(kidnap) express at gunpoint is the latest. Vehicles are regularly hijacked and drivers killed,esp on lonley roads. Greedy real estate developers, like a Canadian recently in Vilcabamba, was murdered. Learn Spanish and read the papers. A fool and his money soon go separate ways. 15 yr resident, 50 country world traveler. AL


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