What’s REALLY Going On With … … “The Shemitah Cycle”

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For many years we have been telling our readers that the last recession was just the tip of the iceberg. “An economic downturn the like of which has not been seen in our lifetime is coming soon,” said one of our presenters at our International Symposium in Cancun back in the fall of 2010.


Quantitative Easing may have bought some time, but how much – and at what cost?

Some of you will know that Sunday 13th September is the last day of a recurring seven-year cycle that dates back to the time when the Torah was collated. There are plenty of folks out there forecasting cataclysmic events to follow. These include environmental, social, political and economic disasters.

At QWealth we don’t concern ourselves too much with global conspiracy theories (however true they may turn out to be). What we DO do is look at facts.

It is a FACT that economic up and downturns follow a seven year cycle which can be traced back clearly over the past century. It’s also a FACT that the latest seven year cycle draws to a close this autumn!

The last cycle ended in 2008, followed soon by the recent recession. Go back to 2001, 1994 or 1987 and you will see that this cycle is not a figment of the imagination.

Kris Karlsson, our roving banking expert, has just compiled a new Special Report about the ramifications of this cycle and why this coming Sunday is particularly significant.

We feel strongly that it is important for you all to read this report, so we are taking the unprecedented step of making it available to all qbytes readers, rather than to our fee-paying members.

Download Kris’s report “What’s really going on with – the Shemitah?” here.

As we move into the last quarter of 2015, it seems likely that the fiscal iceberg is approaching fast.

What does this mean for you?

It means a dramatic correction (or collapse) of several major currencies and a potential wipe-out of many stocks and holdings.

So what can you do to secure your future?

Every crisis is also a time of opportunity for those who are prepared, but the time for preparation is almost over…NOW is the time to act, if you haven’t before!

Here are Q Wealth’s 7 Steps to Security and Profit:

  1. Invest in hard assets, such as gold, silver, precious metals (and real estate in the right locations)
  2. Diversify your assets by transferring them to offshore structures
  3. Internationalise your banking, using multiple accounts in different jurisdictions
  4. Make yourself both portable and less vulnerable by acquiring a second citizenship
  5. Get out of Dodge – essential if you are living in the USA – by applying for residence in a safer more neutral country
  6. Explore the possibility of using or investing in digital/crypto-currencies such as bitcoin and ripple
  7. Secure your communications by purchasing a totally secure laptop, or “hardening” the machine you have already.

These 7 Steps to Security and Profit are crucial for anyone with serious hopes of surviving the coming correction.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to take these steps.

Applying for residence in a country like Paraguay can cost you less than $5000. Opening bank accounts can cost no more than your time. An offshore company costs less than most people earn in a month.

The bottom line is: can you afford NOT to take action to secure yourself against the inevitable?

Our advice is that you start climbing these steps – right now! – which is why we have created the Survive and Prosper Packages below.


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Download Kris’s report “What’s really going on with – the Shemitah?” here.


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