What we Think of Obama and Why we Don’t Do Politics!

By Peter Macfarlane for The Q Wealth Report

There’s a good reason why we have barely commented on the US election race until now. We don’t really do politics here at The Q Wealth Report. Years of experience have made us grow cynical of politicians of all stripes, and we doubt that even the President of the USA wields the power popularly attributed to him. He is not, after all, a dictator!

Our view is that we have to seek the way to get ahead as individuals no matter who is in government or what government does. “Yes we can” – in spite of politicians! So when we open our mouths we want to say something useful, not just contribute to the background noise of meaningless commentary. Now seems to be one of those moments when we should comment on politics. So here goes…

The clear victory of Obama shows that the American people want change. Given how dismal things have been looking of late, it is hard not to be positive about the wind of change – most of all the meaningful endorsement the American people have given to a radical departure from existing policies. People are looking for a new way of doing things and whatever happens, that has to be good. People are sick of war – whether in Iraq and Afghanisatan, or the wars declared on US soil such as the wars on terrorism, drugs and the collateral damage to freedom and liberty.

Perception plays a big role in politics. Obama has been very smart to appeal not just to US voters but to a global constituency, even in his acceptance speech greeting those in palaces and parliaments and huddled around radios in forgotten corners of the world. Kenya’s President immediately declared a national holiday, while Russia’s immediately announced deployment of a new nuclear defense system in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave surrounded by the European Union. (In a separate telegram, President Medvedev apparently congratulated Obama and said he was seeking a “constructive dialogue.” Hmm.)

This marks a distinct change from GWB’s confrontational and isolationist rhetoric. Non-Americans might not have votes but their support will undoubtedly make a big difference to Obama in getting anything at all done at a global level. And almost everything these days functions at a global level. Obama’s own story shows “The American Dream” is alive and well, and gives the USA a desperately needed bailout of moral capital to achieve its goals on the world stage.

The race issue has been played up a lot too. Undoubtedly it means a lot to the majority of Americans. But am I the only one who sees the irony in this? A lot of people apparently voted for Obama just because of his race or color. This type of voting is just affirmative action at work, something the voters of Nebraska wisely rejected in this same election. Affirmative action is a form of racial discrimination.  I suppose Obama’s victory is a landmark, and progress doesn’t come overnight, but if I were really interested in improving race relations in the US (which I’m not) the focus on “the first black President” would be something of a disappointment. The very fact that people are talking about it highlights continuing divisions. Real progress on the race issue will only come when people do not think about the skin color of their President. For the “sheeple” hyped up by the mass media, that day may be some way off yet – but successful people today are simply not interested in what race they are, nor in what race their business associates are. People who focus on race issues, whether they are black or white or anything else, always tend hold themselves back.

Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t have any quick fixes for the economy. He can’t. And the economic future of the USA looks quite simply terrible. In his speech the President Elect said that the USA, Wall Street and Main Street, will “rise or fall as one nation.” While clearly this was his token jibe at capitalists who are generally blamed for the state of the economy, unfortunately I think it will be more a case of Wall Street taking Main Street down. If the Bush administration had just let Wall Street rise and fall on its own, the effects would have been a lot less disastrous for Main Street. But politicians cannot resist meddling, and neither Bush nor Obama are exceptions to this rule. Obama might well be worse. Obama’s plan is to spend, spend, spend. This will have to be financed by printing yet more money, or – who knows – by still more underhand methods that conspiracy theorists whisper about, like the Amero.

Either way it comes to the same thing. Your dollars will be worth less, or may well even up worth nothing at all. Here at Q Wealth we will suggest strategies to protect your assets from the US government’s economic policies – first and foremost by diversifying out of the dollar. Or perhaps fleeing the dollar would be a better way to put it.

So there you have it, folks. Whatever happens in government, life goes on in the global economy, and there are many opportunities out there. You would be well advised as always to protect your assets, take the time to look after your own health (or as Jacques Haeringer says, to “win with nutrition”) and ensure you have good medical insurance coverage. No matter what happens the dollar, the pound or the euro, there will always be basic industries and people will always need a place to live. Get yourself covered. If you haven’t yet signed up for The Q Wealth Report, now is the time! Click here to join.

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