Visit the Swiss Mountaineers in Victoria, BC!

by Scott Schamber for The Q Wealth Report

With large financial institutions falling like bowling pins and the US Congress on the verge of the largest US bailout since the Great Depression of the 30s, the array of bad news flowing from financial world on a daily basis is dizzying.

In the context of current economic and financial market conditions, we expect the potential for a number of surprises coming out of left field that you need to beware of. With consideration to the importance of fully understanding the underlying issues at play and their implications, we have decided to EXTEND the number of registrations admitted for our upcoming briefing in Victoria, BC, Canada for October 3, 2008. We had already reached our set limit of 30 registered attendees in Victoria, but we feel the conditions warrant the extension for a few more.

Thus, the registration deadline will be extended to next Monday, September 29th. Ultimately, the number of open spaces is still limited, as we don’t want to lose the intimate atmosphere and the possibility of enlightening discussions provided by a smaller group.

And, don’t forget that our special guest, David McAlvany, will be on hand to discuss the bull market on commodities and precious metals, as well as to give the lowdown on safe and convenient global metals ownership.

You may find it interesting that the Briefing held in Zurich on September 16th was a smash success, despite being at the mercy of tremendous last-minute changes. As we woke up that morning in Zurich, we were reading about the Dow’s largest one-day drop since September 11th, 2001, and the rest of the Asian markets following suit. With a few last minute revisions, we went on to have a busy Briefing that culminated in an interesting discussion with conflicting opinions. We expect more of the same in Victoria, with focus on the core issues at hand in the US.

So, don’t hesitate to register today! We’ve seen how quickly things can change day-to-day, and one dares not think what may happen from now until Victoria on October 3rd. As one of our US clients aptly put it in a recent email, “things are getting bleaker on this part of the planet by the minute!”

Editor’s note: Scott Scamber works for BFI Consulting AG, one of our recommended consultants and Q Wealth experts, who specialize in Swiss annuities. They can be contacted via

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