Unseen Victim: The Taxpayer

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves why socialist big government is bad, why the welfare state is collapsing, and therefore why we need to take charge of our lives and go offshore. In the spirit of the tax protest Tea Parties in the USA, we enjoyed this piece by Vera Verba.

A man stops his car to let drivers from a parking lot enter the street. That sounds polite, doesn’t it? And if he were to let a dozen cars in front of him, that sounds impressively polite. But… What about the people who are behind him, all of whom are delayed? Is this man being polite to them?

Obviously, he is not. The people behind him are getting a raw deal. He is abusing them.

This man may never glance in his rear-view mirror and may drive away feeling like a saint, but he is not – he forced other people to pay for his good feelings. They are his victims, and, whether seen or not, they matter.

This same trick is played out endlessly. Politicians are famous for hiding the victims and exaggerating the benefits, leading to emotional news coverage glorifying them and portraying anyone who objects as cold, heartless and cruel. The great quote on this comes from the economist and scholar, Thomas Sowell:

The welfare state is the oldest con game in the world. First you take people’s money away quietly and then you give some of it back to them flamboyantly.

Keep this concept in mind. A large number of the things people claim as evidence of their great compassion are actually things paid for by others. And they do not want the victims to be brought into view. It may fall to you, to speak up for those who were victimized by the “good deeds” of others. If the publicly-righteous refuse to see or acknowledge their victims, these people are not compassionate, but malicious – punishing others for their false self-esteem.

Victims are not to be ignored. Remember this.

The above piece is extracted with permission from Individual Virtue, the newsletter of Vera Verba. To see more like this or to subscribe free to the newsletter, click here.

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