The Truth about Offshore Banking and Asset Protection

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I’m writing today with a pint of Guinness in front of me from a pub in County Cork, Ireland, where I have just arrived to prepare for the Q Wealth event with Richard Cawte and Thomas Bolther this weekend. Over the next few days here on the Q Wealth blog I’ll be giving you very brief sneak insider preview of something I’ll be talking about this Saturday to a select group of readers who have chosen to join us here in Ireland.

In essence, I’ll be talking about the changes being brought about in offshore banking by the UBS case, and the pressure from the USA, France, Germany and elsewhere by means of the forthcoming G20 summit in London. Is it hot air and hype? Or will the offshore banking business as we know it be irreperably damaged? Which are the best private banks for wealth management long term? Are Swis banks still good? These are just a few of the questions I plan to answer.

I’ll also be talking about the strengths, weaknesses and contingency plans of the various private banks and offshore brokerages featured in our 2009 Practical Offshore Banking Guide, and of course I’ll be talking about my new Gold Report – both of which are available right now for download in the Members’ Section here on site.

Check back here over the next three or four days for this series of mini-postings that I’m going to call “The Truth About Offshore Banking and Asset Protection.” This information is absolutely free, as is our Secrets of the Super Rich email course. If you haven’t signed up for the free course yet, please do go ahead and do so! For further information you might enjoy learning about our opinions on the best offshore banks.

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  1. New member here. How will the Seychelles bankruptcy affect their status. Will a bailout force them to comply like the Swiss. With Australia sending in auditors to look at their companies does this mean the IBCs there as well.

  2. I think the Australian auditors will be looking at public finances, but it's certainly a good point you raise and I would want nothing to do with the Seychelles at the moment. It's always been nearer the bottom of the range of offshore jurisdictions. But certainly before doing business in a country, you need to do due diligence checks not just on the business partners or banks but the country itself. We will try to come back to this in future articles – very busy right now due to our Ireland event. Thanks for joining and commenting – hope to see you at a future event.


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