The Sad Road to Socialism: John Loeffler

What happens when Private Property is no longer a right? That’s the question asked by John Loeffler, host of a weekly syndicated US talk radio show, in a recent article that we highly recommend to Q Wealth readers.

Socialism, says Loeffler, “is the mechanism which transforms government from its noble role as a protector into a predator.”  He explains the three steps of Socialism, starting with stage one, an unrealistic offer of Something for Nothing that is generally accepted by citizens.  Step 2 is where things start to unwind in a Silent War between government and citizens.

In the latter part of Stage 2:

…the war kicks into gear as the dragon responds to the rising opposition and imposes a growing panoply of laws and regulations with increasing fines, penalties and prison sentences.  To block the rampant flouting of law, the dragon wants to monitor everything the citizens do in order to assure that plunder shall be paid, all in the name of the rule of law, public order and morality.  Civil rights break down, all in the name of morality and public security.  <snip>

As the security of property ownership declines, investments flee and the economic environment becomes unstable, no one wants to invest where earnings will be heavily taxed, or even the possibility of direct confiscation on the allegation of having violated a plethora of unknowable, unobservable laws.  Doing business is just too dangerous.

In Stage 3, The Day of Wrath and Mourning, “Faith in government dissolves along with faith in the currency.  Widespread flouting of law is common and tax payments quit.  If it gets bad enough, crime flourishes, both organized and random. The domestic economy collapses into a depression and the currency just collapses.”

Today’s America, says Loeffler, “is truly at an economic and moral crossroad, having already started into Stage Two of the sad road to socialism.  Whether or not we plow through all three stages remains to be seen.”

What will happen next? We highly recommend you read the full article, but at the end, the writer offers a ray of hope:  “It is here where Americans in times past have always shown themselves most noble.”

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