The Importance of Inspiration for Wealth Creation

for The Q Wealth Report

“Organize your time better” say the gurus. Thousands of different productivity tools exist to help you make better use of your time. But time isn’t everything.

Recently, at the Recipes for Success Wealth Creation event in Panama, I was chatting with Paul Rosenberg about some ongoing projects. He told me that he doesn’t organize his work schedule according to time, but instead according to inspiration. When Paul told me that, I had one of those moments that Americans call “epiphanies” and where us Brits say “the penny dropped.”

Why? Because this is what I have always done myself, but I had not been 100% aware of it. Now I’m aware, I can better harness the power of this wealth creation secret.

All of us have different moods, good days and bad days. For pure productivity, we have machines or computers. But we humans rule the world because of our creativity. And creativity depends on inspiration. In fact, creativity is inspiration. Inspiration, to paraphrase my dictionary, means breathing new life into something. That’s exactly what we do when we create.

So creativity is something to be nurtured at all costs. Our creativity is strongest when we are relaxed and healthy. Relaxation is best achieved by knowing and controlling where your life will take you next – but certain bodily techniques such as exercise and diet can help. Remember: if you want to create wealth, then obviously you need to be in a creative mood… and this requires inspiration.

Richard Cawte has another way of putting it: “your ships come in over a calm sea.” If your mind is a sea of worry, the ships bringing your treasures won’t be able to get into the harbor. But when your mind is calm, cool and creative, those ships carrying your future wealth will dock safely in port.

For this reason, successful wealth creators don’t work hard, and they don’t worry. When you feel inspired to do something, get to work on it right away. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or what else you have to do. When you are keen on something you will be productive, creative and successful. Leave your deadlines with enough flexibility to accommodate inspirations.

Equally, when you don’t feel like doing something, don’t force yourself…. because it probably won’t work anyway. If you don’t feel like working, don’t. Instead, go off and do something else. Dedicate your mind to something totally different – “a change is as good as a rest,” they say. The best business networking, for example, usually happens in the places you are least expecting it.

So that, in a few words, is my take on how to schedule your working day to generate success in your business and personal life. Don’t schedule tasks by time, but by inspiration. That way, wealth creation will take care of itself. And instead of using those business productivity tools designed to help you make more efficient use of your time, sign up if you haven’t already for one that’s designed to help you make more efficient use of your inspirations! It’s called the Q Wealth Report and you can join online right now to benefit from the full wisdom of successful experts like Richard Cawte and Paul Rosenberg. Sign up right now, before you forget!

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