“The Debt Elephant In The Room”

“The United States can pay any debt it has, because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”

– Alan Greenspan, August 7th, 2011

Debt Elephant in the room

There was a time, when you could almost be forgiven for not seeing the “Debt Elephant in the Room”.

But the time for “ignoring the obvious”, has been well and truly over for many, many years now.

Only fully paid up members of the “Ignorance is Bliss Club”, are able to wilfully fabricate “imaginary friend” level excuses, in order to avoid seeing the “completely unmissable”.

To put it bluntly, there really is no other way to “defend the indefensible” when it comes to the issue of debt, other than to be “ignorant” … in the truest sense of the word.

Now that’s not the insult that it may at first glance seem.

The word ignorant simply reflects the fact that a huge number of people choose remain in a state of willful “ignore-ance”, when it comes to the issue of the “Debt Elephant in the Room”.

They simply prefer to be “ignore-ant” of the problem … to pretend that it’s not there … and to hope against hope, that someone else will make it go away.

And as we have already seen from Alan Greenspan, rather than steering us in a safe, sustainable direction, The Federal Reserve actually leads the vanguard of the “Debt Holocaust” deniers.

So when the entire set of concepts upon which Central Banking is founded, is so deeply flawed and skewed, we’d be fools if we honestly expected any outcome other than accelerating levels of terminal and ultimately insoluble debt.

In 1992, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist, James Carville, coined the phrase …

…“It’s the Economy, stupid!”

Well in the context of events of recent years, we could well use the phrase …

… “It’s the Debt, stupid!”

Q Wealth Report readers on the other hand, long ago traded in their “Government-issued Rose-Tinted Glasses”, for a pair of “X-Ray Reality Glasses”.

But in truth, and especially in recent years, no super-human powers or even extraordinary insight has been needed in order to see the “Debt Storm Clouds” surrounding us.

Instead, we have only needed to listen to what “they”, the political and banking insiders themselves, have to say … and then react accordingly of course.

The quote from the top of the page, from FEd Chairman Alan Greenspan for example, is classic case in point, and so is worth repeating again below:

“The United States can pay any debt it has, because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”

Now if there was ever a confession of utter contempt for the “Laws of Economics”, then that was surely it.

Right there, in the words of the “above & beyond oversight” Chairman of The Federal Reserve, he told us all we need to know, about the warped ethos and mathematics that pulls the strings on the world’s economy.

Is the global economy set up as nothing more than a game of Monopoly?

Is it simply a “private club” game, where “The Banker” gets to add as much “funny money” as he can find paper for, but where the rest of the cannon fodder “players” only get a “ration” of an ever-devaluing currency?

Only you can decide that for yourself, but there is an interesting analogy that might help us to visualize The Fed’s tactics.

Below, is Rule #11 from the official ‘Rules of Monopoly’


  1. What if the Bank runs out of money?

Some players think that the Bank is bankrupt, if it runs out of money.

The Bank never goes bankrupt.

To continue playing, use slips of paper to keep track of each players banking transactions – until the Bank has enough paper money to operate again.

The Banker may also issue “new” money, on ordinary paper.”


The rules also state that :

“The Bank has 32 houses, and 12 hotels, but never runs out of money.

If necessary, the Banker can create more money to give to players.”

Now … does that remind you of anything?

Now using a “childish” Monopoly analogy, may sound a little flippant to some, but it is effectively the way that a debt-money-based economy works, and it is what “we” collectively tolerate and allow to happen.

But if a monetary system becomes so convoluted and distorted, that the very word “money” no longer means “representation of value”, then we truly have entered into a “Twilight Zone” of zombie-economics, where the lunatics have indeed, taken over the asylum.

Because if “value” is no longer vital to the concept “money”, then oxygen may as well no longer be vital to the concept of breathing!

If money isn’t a “representation of value”, then what is it?

But such is the level of “detachment from reality” that pervades our financial media. And it is that sort of “artificial reality”, as well as the ease with which the media mind controllers seem to have accomplished their task, that staggers the mind the most.

Because if “money” is anything at all, it surely must, simultaneously, be a “representation of value”, and a “representation of entitlement” to that same value.

Anything short of those two logical standards then, leaves the door wide open to the kind of monopolized Monopoly-money printing system that has been allowed to develop in the wake of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

The encouraging news though, is that the reality distorters are clearly not having everything their own way today, far from it.

There is a huge awakening process going on, led by growing band of people whose consciences have moved them to “speak out”, about what’s really going on in the economic, financial, and banking sector.

Collectively they are known as “Whistle Blowers

One such “whistler”, is Catherine Austin-Fitts.

Formerly an Assistant Secretary for Federal Housing at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, during the first Bush Administration, she now spends her time speaking out on debt issues, among other things.

In early May 2015, she had the following to say :

“I think this Fall is going to see a major turning point. You see the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) system is coming to a head.

The U.S. budget is going to be a very difficult debate.

You see the push to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the EU deal done.

You have a lot of institutional relationships that needed to be restructured in the last couple of years.

Those changes are all coming to a head, and so we are going to get a ‘Big Shift.

If you are managing a big Bond Fund, you got a big problem

Theres going to be a turn in the Bond Market, or a plateau, and that’s going to be uncomfortable for those guys, and were going to see some messy times.”

Not unlike Bill Gross, “The Bond King” of Wall Street, and former head of the giant PIMCO Bond Fund, who has similarly been delivering dire warnings about the impossible margins in the Bond market, Austin Fitts too is reminding us of the “Debt Elephant In The Room”.

And when the very system that is responsible for the creation and function of money itself, is fighting for it very survival, then the time is well over due for us to take our financial security and safety into our own hands.

So as is always our standard advice …

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Kris Karlsson

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