The COVID-19 Economic Security Guide

We are very pleased to finally announce the release of our COVID-19 Economic Security Guide to our paid members.

This report covers a wide range of areas that we believe are central to securing our positions in this highly volatile global climate, including:

  • An analysis of the global political and economic situation
  • Secure Bases to establish residency or citizenship
  • Robust sectors and opportunities for investment
  • Our views on other assets including gold, cash, cryptocurrencies and real estate

The report has been created through research conducted over the year, as well interviews with specialists and entrepreneurs in some of the areas we cover.

Particularly interesting is our section on Paraguay, and the opportunity for investment in the country’s vibrant agricultural sector.

It should also be noted that our recommendation to buy gold made at the beginning of the year is looking like an increasingly good call. The shiny metal’s price has risen around 25% since our Gold Report was released, and our recommendation still stands, for reasons we explain in the report.

The report has taken a while to produce, due in part because we wanted to get a better picture of the way global dynamics have been evolving in response to the crisis.

We have also been working on a solid content plan for the upcoming months, and will be providing our paid members with regular reports and guides covering the following areas:

  • Individual country reports highlighting interesting opportunities for offshore banking, company formation and establishing second residency and citizenship
  • Industry reports exploring resilient and stable sectors of the global economy that present interesting investment opportunities
  • Macroeconomic and geopolitical reports analyzing the fast-changing global situation and how it can affect us as individuals

During this planning stage, we have kept our membership fees at a cut rate of just $5 per year.

We will be bringing the price up to a more reasonable amount when we release our first Country Report in January, which will be focused on an incredible EU nation that offers a wide range of benefits for Permanent Travellers (PTs), international investors and practically anyone who is interested in establishing a stable and secure base for themselves.

For now, our paid members can access the new COVID-19 Security Guide using the link at the end of this email. If you are not yet a paid member, you can sign up here, and then access your report from the Member Reports section on the website once you are logged into the account.

As always, we look forward to your feedback, and thank you for your continued trust and attention.

To your (true) wealth,

The Q Wealth Team

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