The Baker’s Dozen – Your 2016 Roadmap

Rich CheckanBy Rich Checkan

Over 33 years ago, Michael Checkan and Glen O. Kirsch started this company as the result of an epiphany they had while working with the Vietnamese refugees coming to America after Saigon fell. We call this seminal story the Tale of the Taels. You can read the full story here

Your 2016 RoadmapThe moral of the story is a simple one. Having all your assets tied to a single currency, to a single country or to a single asset class (or investment) is a recipe for disaster should the unthinkable occur. If the unthinkable occurs, it would behoove you to be diversified across currencies, countries and asset classes. If the unthinkable does not occur, this diversification is still a prudent strategy.

Unfortunately, more and more, the unthinkable is becoming thought about and commonplace.

The Background

Today, we’d like to introduce you to ASI’s Baker’s Dozen… a list of 13 strategies, products or services to help you Keep What’s Yours even if the unthinkable becomes thinkable.

When Michael and Glen first started this company, the answer to wealth protection through diversity came in the forms of precious metals and foreign currencies. Both are available today through Asset Strategies, although offshore options for foreign currency relationships have dwindled over the years for a number of reasons… currency wars, unattractive returns, increased regulation and red tape, reduced privacy and confidentiality, etc…

Back then, they also handled numismatic coins on a limited basis. They helped build a handful of quality portfolios for those of you with an interest in, and an understanding, of rare coins.

Since then, and especially over the past decade, Asset Strategies has evolved into a full service tangible asset dealer. Of course, we remain your go-to source for precious metals and foreign currencies. But, we offer other alternatives you should carefully consider including in your portfolio as well.

The Common Thread

Everything we offer shares a common thread… namely, holding liquid assets of real, intrinsic value in small allocations is the best way we know to protect your overall portfolio.

As you can see from the asset allocation chart below, if you hold everything we offer in the small percentages indicated, the vast amount of your investible assets – over 70% – are still in traditional asset classes. But, the power of this diversification cannot be underestimated.

Portfolio Allocation

The Baker’s Dozen

Over the next 6 months, we will introduce you to the following thirteen ingredients of ASI’s Baker’s Dozen…

  1. Informational Services – Consultations, Newsletter, Alerts and Promotions
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. The Noble Metals
  5. Foreign Currencies
  6. Perth Mint Certificates
  7. Numismatics
  8. Rare U.S. Coins
  9. Rare Stamps
  10. Strategic Metals
  11. World and Ancient Coins
  12. ASI Precious Metals Direct
  13. Alternative Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

How You Can Use This Information

I would suggest setting up a Baker’s Dozen binder and tabbing it separately for this introduction as well as for each of the 13 Baker’s Dozen components listed above. This will become your alternative investment road map over the next 6 months as we cover each of them in detail by June – but not necessarily in the order listed above.

We will be clear in our newsletters and alerts when we are providing Baker’s Dozen information. If appropriate, we will highlight the suggested allocation for you to consider. In each section, as you walk down this road, you can include transactional confirmations for ready reference by either you or your heirs.

Ultimately, this will become your GPS for alternative, tangible financial assets… your road map to Keep What’s Yours!

Of course, you don’t have to wait 6 months to get things moving along. You can start right now with a phone call or email…

Call 800-831-0007, or, if you’d rather, send an email to start the ball rolling today.

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