What’s Changed in St. Kitts Real Estate…

St. Kitts real estate is booming.

Multiple luxury developments, super marinas, increasing attention from the rich and famous…it’s a good time to be in St. Kitts.

Written by Adam Richardson


The plane came in low, skirting the southeastern edge of St. Kitts before turning sharply inland for  landing.  From my window seat I watched the hills and mountains slide by and wondered what, if anything, had changed in the short 10 months since I was last on island.

After only a few minutes and a few miles I could see the answer all around me.

St. Kitts Real Estate
New Citizenship Approved Residences Beside The Beach Club

Infrastructure, new homes, land moving and bay dredging to make way for a super marina…construction on island has moved quickly in the past year and I feel that with that momentum has come an intensified energy and optimism for the very near future.


Today our Q Wealth Caribbean Islands Event kicked off with a visit to the Christophe Harbour Beach Club, as of now the epicenter of the massive luxury development that dominates the southern part of the island.

Actually it is the southern part of the island making it a huge player in the St. Kitts real estate market.

As I walked through the doors of the club and into the open air bar and restaurant I took in the familiar scene.  One of the most beautiful and private of beaches in St. Kitts was just a few steps away, a luxury yacht (with a famous ex-NFL quarterback on board) floated lazily in the calm of the bay,  the meticulously kept grounds showed the dedication of a team of gardeners and groundskeepers.

But just to my right I was surprised to see  a series of several residences where there was only raw land just last summer.

More surprising still was the price tag for the small cottages.

Long since sold for a sum in the high 6 figures these homes may seem dis-proportionally valuable.  Yes, it is in an exclusive area.  Yes, it is Caribbean beach front (and a particularly nice one at that).  But it isn’t the area, the amenities, or the view that gives these homes their value.  No, these homes come with a respected, legitimate and invaluable St. Kitts and Nevis passport and opens the door to a new world of possibilities.  Oh, and that passport also comes in just a few short months!


That St. Kitts and Nevis is home to the most established Citizenship By Investment Programs (CIP’s) in the world is just one of the reasons why we are here, but it is one of the most important.

In the morning we will hop the ferry to Nevis for a more financially centered day.  Banking and business structuring is the specialty of Nevis, and that’s exactly what we will be discussing.

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