Skype users have another reason to use a VPN

skypeOnline security is a very hot topic with our discerning readers. We monitor many security web sites on a daily basis to find the most important issues that affect those in our Q Wealth family of readers. Recently, a very serious issue was resolved… but one that also illustrates why Skype users have another reason to use a VPN.

Do you use Skype? It is nearly ubiquitous. Lots of features. Improved quality of calls. Micro$oft owns it now, which has caused doubts for those concerned about their privacy. Yet, Skype still is used frequently. Only recently was Skype updated for a problem first identified in November 2010; yes, nearly six years ago.

The problem? Your actual IP address could be leaked revealing your city-level location. It took 44 months from when the problem was first identified to a resolution.

When you use Skype, please use it with a high-quality and reliable VPN activated first. Why? Here are two paragraphs from this article:

An IP address is an important piece of information that can be used to track your approximate location and your service provider. But the information is not always necessarily accurate, as you could be using a VPN, which might make it appear that you are based in a different country from the one where you are really located.

All the same, unfortunately most people do not use VPNs, and IP information could help vengeful gamers launch denial-of-service attacks and (even scarier) potentially help provide pranksters with the information they needed to trick armed police SWAT teams into raiding a property.

We can’t emphasize enough that you need to have in your privacy toolbox a high-quality, private, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN. We recommend the Road Warrior VPN suite from

I encourage you to visit the FAQ section of the Cryptohippie web site. Investigate the product thoroughly. Learn for yourself that not all VPN products are created equally. The Road Warrior VPN product and network has been built from the ground up to offer excellence in security and ease of use. The multi-jurisdictional hops are a unique feature to Cryptohippie that dramatically increases your privacy and security while on the Internet.

Employ a robust and world-class VPN service. This topic, and a recommendation for a VPN, is covered in the section “Secure Your Internet Use” of our report The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals. The security and privacy of your personal information is within your control. Read the report and start to protect yourself now.

Here is a video from Frederick D. our Computer Security Expert… See what he has to say here about Computer Security Solutions.

All thanks and credit for the above article must go to the Graham Cluley at He is a terrific resource on computer security and I follow his work everyday.

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