Silver and Gold with Linda Dixon

We have just a few minutes ago wound up the free conference call with our subscribers, presented by Linda Dixon – founder of Commodis Corp –  and the chance to buy silver and gold bullion at a discount for forward physical delivery in Peru or worldwide. Thank you to everybody who participated.

Linda gave a fascinating presentation about her company’s mines in Peru, and answered questions from participants about physical bullion delivery, social and environmental responsibility and more. We also promised to look in to bullion storage options in Canada and Panama.

Of particular interest is the fact that this is a private mining company, incorporated offshore, doing business in a private manner with private individuals. You can even fly to Peru and pick up your metal in person if you wish.

We promised to publish here Linda’s contact address. It is: bullion01 (at) If you were on the call and haven’t yet contacted Linda, please do so and she will be happy to send you an information pack. Replace the (at) with the @ sign. We do that to help reduce spam caused by automated address harvesters.

Linda is offering a special incentive until the end of April for Q Wealth members who decide to go ahead with a bullion purchase. Contact her today so you don’t miss out on this offer.

Several people have asked if they can listen to a recording of the call. The answer is no. This was a private, invitation only call about a private offshore opportunity.

If you didn’t receive an invitation to participate, but would like to receive such invitations in the future, please make sure you are signed up to receive our free weekly newsletter, Q Bytes. Sign up for Q Bytes here.

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  1. I went to the SF Hard Assets conference last year and noticed quite a few interesting gold and silver mining companies from south America. One of those companies had a really good year as far as their stock, Ventana Gold which is in Columbia.

    I believe that Fortuna Silver is in Peru which has one of the worlds largeest Silver deposits.


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