Return OF your money is more important than return ON your money!

Late in June another ponzi scheme went belly up. It didn’t receive the same media attention as Madoff’s, probably because it didn’t involve financial institutions as victims. But once again people’s lives have been destroyed by malicious scammers playing on people’s greed. In this case we are talking about Prosperita Group also known as PGI International, run by a shady character named ‘Belinda’ (allegedly one Belinda Eigenmann with addresses in Switzerland and Canada) who has been associated with other similar scams in the past.

It turns out this Prosperita scheme was responsible for all the enquiries we started receiving recently about Hatfield Oak (also known as Hatfield Oak International or Hatfield Oak Savings and Loan) This financial group, with addresses in Panama City, New Zealand and Norway was thesubject of our earlier blog posting entitled Comments about Hatfield Oak International.

Whether Hatfield Oak are directly associated with “Belinda” and the perpetrators of the Prosperita Group scam, we are unable to say. But even if they are innocent of any wrongdoing, they are certainly guilty of very bad judgment in the company they keep.

The scam followed a common pattern: investors were told to keep their involvement in Prosperita Group a secret and not to post anything on the internet, or even mention the name to companies like ourselves offering due
diligence services for offshore investments
. They were told that their returns would only be paid out to accounts in a certain financial institution – in this case Hatfield Oak. Victims were therefore instructed to open accounts at
Hatfield Oak, something which of course involved additional upfront fees – about $700 each we hear.

More and more Prosperita people were setting up corporate structures with Hatfield Oak until June 18th, when Prosperita deleted all previous messages, disabled their e-mail and support ticket systems, and posted a message that begins as follows:

Approximately two (2) weeks ago we sat down across the table with one of our banks and handed them our paperwork (your transfer request forms) for the initial test run of €1,000 EUR. During our meeting with this bank we also held a telephone meeting with our other bank whom was going to take care of the so long-awaited draft.

All time lines were set out and all preparations were made accordingly. Everything was indeed going as per plan! … Our Senior Management then flew halfway across the globe to finalise everything.

So far, so good. What happened hereafter is absolutely mind blowing and shocking. Someone whom could not keep their mouth shut has managed to temporarily ruin everything for everyone! Posts started to be made on various forums, which one of our banks found out about. As a result of this the bank has chosen to freeze our accounts and everything has come to a complete standstill.

(If you would like to read the whole thing, it is posted here at World Law Direct.)

This above roughly translates as “the game’s over… we’re keeping the money… adios suckers!”

Richard and I can realistically claim credit for having saved our readers and clients millions over the years by warning them against variations on ponzi scams like Prosperita, Global Pension Plan (GPP), OSOpps, The Hope Foundation. Our motto has always been “return OF your money is more important than return ON your money.”

Unfortunately we have seen millions more stolen by scammers during this time, and many people have found Q Wealth Report too late – only after they have been scammed.

Bank Debenture Trading Programmes, Roll-over programmes, Instant High-Return Investments, Standby Letters of Credit – Do these terms ring a bell? And how about the great new financial terms I was alerted to the other day by a reader – Freshly Cut Securities, issued by a ‘cutting house’ then supposedly ‘Seasoned’ by a Forfaiting Bank and Extra-Seasoned Securities? Of course, if they keep rolling over too much, the eventually end up over-done and somebody gets burned…!

As Richard says in his report HYIP-Hype (available free of charge in our members area):

“Do roll-over trading programmes really exist?” It’s a question I’m often asked.

“Yes,” I answer, “They do. An associate of ours was paid a high sum to ascertain exactly whether they exist, and where they are operated from.”

“Great! How do I get involved?”

“You don’t!”

That is all there is too it. Or to use another cliche, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We frequently write about scams by the government, and there are certainly plenty of those. The Social Security system, for one, is a big ponzi scheme that simply pays out old investors from new money coming in. The US dollar itself is a giant ponzi scheme too. But at least with government-operated ponzi schemes… well, you have a better idea where you stand! Governments do tend to act predictably.

All I can do is repeat our advice. Richard and I are more than happy to look at and review and investment schemes you are presented with. If it is so secret you are not allowed to tell us about it, well you
can be sure you want to run – not walk – away from it. Anything else we will take a look at and nine times out of ten we can give you an answer on the spot. Likely, we’ve already seen it. If we are really not sure, we have contacts in the serious due diligence world, former police and intelligence officers who are licensed as private investigators and specialize in due diligence on offshore hedge funds and the like. We will get them to work on it for you.

This service is restricted to our members – but if you are looking at this kind of alternative investments, $87 for a
year’s membership is possibly the best value insurance you can buy. Not only can we protect your assets, but we can show you real, legitimate and honest ways to make money too.

In the meantime, if you found this article because you’ve been scammed by Belinda and her Prosperita Group, all I would say is please sign up for our free e-mail newsletter and our ‘Secrets of the Super Rich’ course. It’s all about offshore asset protection and wealth building… and did I tell you it’s free? I think you would find it useful, and it might save you making another expensive mistake.

The author, Peter Macfarlane, is an offshore banking and asset protection consultant, and joint editor of wealth management and offshore wealth building newsletter The Q Wealth Report.

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