Q Wealth Event – Live from Cancun. PT Theory and more!

All things offshore and PT theory examined…

This is Peter Macfarlane for the Q Wealth Report.

I’m writing this from the airport, just leaving Cancun, Mexico… where a small but select group of investors gathered for the first Q Wealth Events “Recipes for Success” retreat.permanent traveler

The event was great fun, taking place in a top spa hotel with great food. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the hotel’s service could not have been better!

We had a diverse group of couple and singles from different countries and backgrounds… but the one thing they had in common was a desire to protect their privacy, and increase their wealth and well being.

Everyone here was already well versed in basic offshore and PT theory, so the presenters moved swiftly to a higher level and some very interesting discussions resulted. We are even planning some group trips in South America later this year!

Anyway, the next Recipes for Success event will be in Panama City, Panama in the first week of November. Keep it free in your diary!

We already have some signups.

Details of the nest event should be up on the site of Q Wealth Events (www.qwealthevents.com) within the next couple of weeks, but if you would like to put your name down ahead of time, please email the Q Wealth office.

Remember, if you miss this Event there will always be another!


I’m looking forward to meeting you there!


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