Q Health and Wealth Seminar Programme Antigua 2013

by Adam Richardson

I’ve heard it said that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…

If that’s true then I’m glad to keep the fine company I do.  My family, my closest friends, and the circle of outstanding friends, business partners, and colleagues I’ve gained through the Q Wealth.

That “circle” is open to YOU as well.

I, alongside my fellow editors Peter Macfarlane and Richard Cawte, are always glad to make the acquaintance of people we share our closely held values with.

In times like these you can’t go at it alone…and you don’t have to!  

Time is short, but you DO still have time to make it to the beautiful beaches of Antigua.  You CAN attend as our guest, and leave as our friend.

You can also leave with a plan.  A personalized, actionable plan for protecting what is YOURS, for creating MORE wealth, and for gaining the VITALITY of real, lasting health so that you can live the BEST life possible!



Q Health and Wealth Seminar Programme Antigua 2013

Antigua Beaches
Antigua Beaches




DAY 1 Thursday 9th May:


4.00pm West Indian Afternoon Tea for Platinum Members

6.30pm: Welcome Cocktail Reception for all seminar attendees.


DAY 2 Friday 10th May: ASSET PROTECTION – How and Why


09.00: Introductory Remarks

09.15: Richard CAWTE: Was Cyprus a one-off? Predictions of future global events.

10.00: Peter MACFARLANE: New Age PT: Modern Asset Protection and International Investing

11.00am: Break.

11.15: Robert MARTIN – Second Citizenships 101

12.15: NEVILLE BLECH – Investing in Wine

1.00pm – 2.15pm LUNCH

2.15: Paul ROSENBERG – A Free Man’s Perspective

3.00: Sylvia DELGADO – Using Asset Protection Trusts

4.00pm: BREAK

4.15: Paul ROSENBERG – The Worldwide Surveillance Web – And what you can do about it!

5.15: Peter MACFARLANE – Practical Offshore Banking with Offshore LLCs

6.00: Peter MACFARLANE: Offshore Workshop – How to PROTECT what’s yours, MAXIMISE returns and MINIMISE taxes – Legally.

7.00 -7.30: PANEL Q&A








09.00: Introductory Remarks – Richard Cawte

09.15: Brian Stewart YOUNG – CEO Global Commerce Bank – Doing Business in the Caribbean

10.00: Peter MACFARLANE – Where and How are We Banking These Days?

11.00am: Break.

11.15: Knut ANDERSEN – Protect and grow your wealth with physical metals offshore

12.15: Adam RICHARDSON – Making the most of your Sixth Flag

1.00pm – 2.15pm LUNCH

2.15: Thomas BOLTHER – How to Achieve Real Estate Profits in Times of Crisis

3.15: Robert MARTIN – Intrepid Investing

4.00pm: BREAK

4.15: David EVRY – How to Run a Secure Laptop

5.15: Two members of our team will present “Bitcoin for Dummies – a guide to using non-fiat currencies”

6.15: Wrap-Up: Richard CAWTE

6.30 – 7.30pm PANEL Q&A






09.30: Richard CAWTE: The keys to Business INSIGHT – Managing stress and making time (includes first active Alpha Session).

11.00 BREAK

11.15: Adam RICHARDSON – We are what we eat:  How to navigate in a broken food system

12.00: Richard CAWTE – Biology of the Brain: Creation of HQ


2.15: Richard – Mind Yourself (2nd Alpha Session)

3.00: Adam – Physical Performance:  The “secret weapon” for gaining wealth.  

4.00: BREAK

4.15: Richard – Health and stamina – (3rd Alpha Session)

6.00 -7.00 – Q&A with both presenters

*Bonus Health Day is not included in cost of seminar.  It is going to be a small group where each person will receive individual attention.  Therefore it is being billed as a private consultation.  The cost to attend is $350 per individual & $500 per couple.  This is payable upfront by contacting Adam – adam@qwealthreport.com or if you haven’t made up your mind you can pay at the time of the event.

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