Protecting your hard earned assets through Asset Protection… and reducing your Tax Liability …is it possible ?


By Tim Thorne

No matter how rich or poor we are, each and every one of us owns assets.

Assets are things we have worked hard to accumulate and are of value. These include property, shares, bank accounts and other investments. Every day we put our assets at risk as we interact with others, from being involved in damaging lawsuits, facing creditors, bankruptcy, divorce and even taxation. Liabilities may arise and legal action could take our assets away.

The art of becoming wealthy starts with the ability to retain as much of your income as possible. But, what we are talking about here is not just squirrelling away as much of your earnings as the tax man will allow you to; we are talking about developing a sound, innovative personal tax planning strategy; about being pro-active; making informed choices that will legitimately minimise the amount of money you have to lose in taxes, while taking advantage of investment policies that will see your savings grow at a much faster rate than you ever believed possible.

How, you ask, is all this achievable?

And the answer? By working with an Offshore Trust planning specialist who knows their way around the market. A specialist who can manipulate the distribution of your income wealth in such a way as to provide you with the maximum benefit, and all 100% legal and totally above board. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is 100% fact.

If you are a UK tax payer, (whether a business, sole trader, Individual or partnership), then you may qualify for a personally designed tax planning strategy using a unique Offshore Trust fund that can be declared to the HMRC tax inspectorate, and what is more, he will officially acknowledge it not to be any sort of illegal tax avoidance ruse. The Structure utilises the total transparency of uniquely designed trust funds to irrefutably prove that they fall outside of the UK tax umbrella.

The great thing about these Offshore Trusts is that the funds invested in them are 100% safe, not just from HM Revenue and Customs, but from other parties too. Should you become embroiled in any marital or partner disputes, or an acrimonious divorce whereby finance is involved, the funds locked away in one of our Trusts are inaccessible to prying outsiders.

The same is true of any sort of legal action that you might be caught up in, including disputes in your business life. Company directors often undertake huge responsibilities. Not only are they be responsible for the livelihood of their workforce, but they may also sink large sums of money into setting up their businesses, and if those businesses fail, or the enterprise becomes involved in a financial dispute with another company, a company director may be held financially accountable.

But as is the case with civil disputes in your private life, the funds locked into one of the Offshore Trusts cannot be called to account.

Offshore Trusts are an innovative way of safeguarding any part of your income that you divert into them. They are a prudent method of protecting the vulnerable finances of any moderate to high earner.

Most of our clients are busy people and forging their way through endless pros and cons can be frustrating. Complex issues sometimes present themselves and this can end up with the client wasting time and money going round in circles, searching for answers to such questions and putting off the very important task of structuring their personal affairs and putting their house in order.

Offshore IBCs, LLCs, Foundations, Multi-jurisdictions, offshore banks, currency fluctuations and everything that goes with sending money offshore and creating a suitable structure can give rise to many Q&As. Sometimes simple solutions work best.

Over the coming posts I’ll take a look at two specific structures, each of which is an extremely secure, robust and effective Asset Protection vehicle and tax mitigation tool!

Tim Thorne works as a consultant and advisor for a leading UK-based Wealth management company specialising in offshore trust planning. Whatever your needs, he is able to build a secure environment to suit either your individual financial requirements or those of your company. Moreover, his team of experts possess the know-how and experience to restructure your wealth so as to bring maximum benefit to you and your family.

To find out how Individuals, companies, sole traders and or partnerships can protect their hard earned assets and utilise tax planning strategies. Please request more information at

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