Protecting and Creating Wealth Offshore in 2009 – and an Apology

Pity your poor editor! As you might know, all the Q Wealth consultants are experts working day in, day out in their respective fields. We don’t employ ‘writers.’  So sometimes it’s hard to get articles out of people for specific deadlines. They are simply too busy taking care of their clients and businesses. Nonetheless, we believe that the quality of the wealth creation, asset protection and offshore banking information here makes it all worthwhile. You are getting real know-how and experience from real self-made millionaires – nothing less.

That’s why we owe you an apology. We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, but we were just too busy tying up loose ends on other deals before the holidays to update the blog here. So we hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones, and we wish you infinite Health, Wealth and Happiness in the New Year!

Currently, we’re busy on a new five part course entitled Secrets of the Super Rich. This is an updated and vastly improved version of our previous 12-part course, covering in five modules:

  1. Offshore Banking Made Simple –
  2. Introduction to Asset Protection and Estate Planning –
  3. Health, Wealth and Wisdom – by Richard Cawte
  4. How to Build Wealth Online and Offshore – by Thomas Bolther
  5. The Coming Shift in Power and How to Prosper From It – by Richard Cawte

The best part of all, dear readers, is that we will give you this course absolutely free. No cost, no obligation. No free trials or credit card numbers required. The only condition is that you sign up to receive our periodic Q Bytes free email newsletter. How to get it? Just come back here in early January and it will be available on our new index page. Our designers are working on this new homepage as I write.

On another topic, I’ve talked before about Gold Price Manipulation – and why you should buy physical gold rather than ETFs. Buying physical gold has become somewhat difficult of late, so I am busy tying up details of a deal exclusively for Q Wealth subscribers that will allow you to buy gold and then hold it in safe deposit boxes you control, completely anonymously, with easy access from North America and Europe.  Details of this program allowing you to buy gold coins offshore will be announced shortly to our subscribers.

2009 sees us with a hectic travel schedule too, getting out on the road to meet our members. At the end of January we’ll be meeting some clients at our VIP Asset Protection event in Panama City. Panama is easy to reach especially for our North American readers, who might like to escape the cold for a few days to make some serious progress in building new offshore business and banking strategies. Then at the end of March, join your editors for a high level, intensive two-day course in Bantry, Ireland on offshore wealth building. The Ireland event will appeal especially to our UK and European members. I can’t speak for the weather in Ireland in March, but they tell me the Hotel is excellent and a dose of Irish hospitality can’t go amiss. At both events there will be time to sit down for both one-on-one meetings and informal cups of tea or maybe even a Guiness with Richard and Peter.

During 2009 one of our main focuses here will be helping our clients not just to survive the coming recession, but to prosper. I talk about the ‘coming’ recession, because although we are in the midst of a recession already, it’s going to get a lot worse yet. Then again, bad news and good news are different sides of the same coin. There are going to be numerous opportunities to thrive, prosper and create wealth using secure offshore asset protection and banking structures during 2009. As Thomas Bolther says, it is not products, services or goods that create wealth, but ideas. Ideas are the capital of the wired world. And you can generate ideas from anywhere. It’s an inspiring thought I believe, and inspirations are indeed what makes life matter. Stay tuned to Q Wealth Report with your annual subscription and 2009 could be your best year ever! Don’t miss out.

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