The Practical International Banking Guide


  • Why Go Offshore?
  • Is it Legal?
  • How To Choose The RIGHT Offshore Account?
  • A Trust, a Corporation, or a Foundation?
  • When Do You Need a Numbered Account?
  • How To Move Money Between Offshore Accounts?
  • Where Best To Keep Precious Metals?
  • The Best USA & EU-Specific Advice


Protect Yourself From The “Ongoing” Banking Crisis

Don’t just Survive it … Thrive from it!

Karl Marx once infamously said, that … “Religion is the Opium of the People”

Today it seems that those who believe the current Banking & Financial system has “gone back to normal”, are just equally as hooked on a “drug”.

It is a “drug” that’s now vital to the survival of the system, and hence perhaps even more addictive and persistent than religion itself.

That drug is commonly referred to as … “Hope-ium”.

The term “Hope-ium” was first coined in the 1870’s, and is probably best defined as:


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