Pre-IPO Agricultural Play in Mexico | Webinar Replay

Living legend, sage of Singapore.  The oft-quoted contrarian investor Jim Rogers on where to put your money right now…

“Are you bullish about anything?

Jim:  I think agriculture is going to be one of the best investments over the next few decades. The world has consumed more than it has produced for much of the last decade, so inventories are near historic lows. The average farmer is 58 in the U.S. and Australia, 66 in Japan. Old farmers are dying or retiring, and young people aren’t going into agriculture. Young Americans go into PR, not agriculture. Prices have to go much higher to attract labor, management, capital or we’re not going to have enough food in the long run.

 So how do you invest in agriculture?

Jim:  I could buy farmland and become a farmer—although I would be hopeless at it—or buy farmland and lease it out. Buy shares in farms, farm equipment, fertilizer and seed companies that trade on exchanges around the world. Stock markets in agriculture-producing countries should do better than those in agriculture-importing ones”

Agree with Jim?  See the replay of last weeks webinar, “How To Play Beachfront Land + Agriculture In This Overlooked Country”

(note:  the audio is in and out for the first 4 minutes but is fine after that!)

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