Our New Years Resolution for 2009


New Year is always an exciting time, but understandably many of us are entering 2009 with great trepidation. The last year has been difficult for most of us, including in some unusual ways that we may not have predicted. 2009 will be worse… for most people. But for you, it can be a lot better. Please allow us a few moments to explain how…

At Q Wealth, our New Year’s Resolution is to help our readers not just survive the downturn, but to thrive and grow wealthy from it!

How are we going to live up to this goal?

  • We will give you concrete, nuts and bolts strategies for preserving your wealth and protecting your assets. Ideas are useful, but sometimes they are hard to implement. We will give you specific tools. Just one example: we recommend gold as an excellent hedging and asset protection strategy, because it’s inflation proof, secure and non reportable. But we recommend buying real gold – paper gold such as certificates is no longer secure. Right now, we have nearly completed work on a totally new strategy to empower our readers to buy and hold physical gold. You will be able to keep it in a secure, insured offshore vault, in a tax friendly neutral country with direct flights from North America and Europe. YOU will be the only person in the world with the key to the safe deposit box where your gold is kept. No-one else will know it is there, and you will not be legally obliged to report it anywhere. A white paper about this will be released in the first couple of weeks of January and will be available for download free of charge to Q Wealth Members in the Members’ Section.
  • We will give you concrete, nuts and bolts strategies for growing your wealth. Preserving wealth is great, but it’s not enough. We want you to get rich in 2009! We have a new Q Wealth Expert on the team, Thomas Bolther, whom some of you met in May 2008 at Recipes for Success in Cancun. Thomas has made millions in both real estate and online business. He will explain some of his unique success tips in the Q Wealth Report during 2009. To begin with, in a special report that will be available in the Members Section for free download by mid-January, he will tell us 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Travel First or Business Class at vastly reduced rates.
  • We will give you direct access to reliable experts. These days, there’s no lack of information. The problem is sorting and analyzing it, and figuring out who you can trust. That is the work we do all day every day on behalf of our members, and we will be intensifying our efforts still further in 2009 as concerned citizens swell our subscriber base. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and flown many times around the world to find some of the few reliable experts who are not just honest, but share our freedom, wealth and privacy mindset.

2008 has certainly made people think. If you look back to what Richard Cawte and Peter Macfarlane predicted in 2007, at the time people thought we were nuts! In 2008 it happened. You might very well have learned some expensive lessons in 2008… don’t let one of them be failure to think about the future, see the big picture, and plan accordingly. If estate planning, asset protection or that new overseas lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of are things you have been putting off, why wait? The time is now.

Big changes are happening. Ride the crest of change and you won’t regret it. But information is only going to help you in so far as you act on it, so your friends here at Q Wealth are with you all the way!

P.S. If you don’t yet have access to the Members’ Section, don’t worry. It only takes five minutes. If you are an existing print subscriber, just email Dana Parkinson [email protected] and Dana will set you up with login details. If you are not yet a Paid Member you can sign up online right now at https://www.qwealthreport.com/signup.php  There are online (credit card) and offline (cheque or money order) subscription options.

P.P.S. Interested in Offshore Banking? Our global banking, offshore companies and trust expert Peter Macfarlane has been busy over the holidays updating his definitive ‘Practical Offshore Banking Guide.’  The 2009 edition will be available free to members shortly.

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