Offshore Living: The South American Dream

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By Peter Macfarlane for The Q Wealth Report

I’m just back from an unofficial whirlwind tour of Latin American countries with a group of Q Wealth Report readers looking at opportunities for asset protection, international wealth creation, and offshore business. Second passports and tax-free overseas residency were also on our wish list… as was quality time by the pool with like-minded, freedom loving individuals. But most of all, we were looking for the personal and financial freedom that really no longer exists in North America and Europe.  I call it the “South American Dream.”

After attending the Recipes for Success event in Panama, a posse of us flew further south.  Having read up widely in advance on the countries we were visiting, and accompanied by highly qualified bilingual experts, we were on the road to use our collective ‘sixth sense’ and get the real feel for business in a foreign country that you can only get by spending time there and talking to people. We talked in depth with many different locals, and also with expats from North America and Europe who are already running businesses in the region.

So what was the most important thing I picked up on this trip?

It was the importance, even in our wired world, of actually getting on a plane and seeing things for yourself. We all know and enjoy the comfort of familiar places and people, but that also comes with a feeling of frustration, a feeling that we are not in full control of our lives as we should be. Other people control us.

On the other side, we all have a natural fear of the unknown – whether it’s offshore business or offshore banking. This internal fear is basically a myth perpetuated by the mainstream media. By confronting it head on and overcoming it we can open up a whole new world of opportunities that most people will never know exist.

For example, one of our delegates, a successful and well travelled UK businessman, said TV and press coverage had led him to believe he would find machete-wielding individuals a mile or two from the financial district of Panama City. But by going there and getting a feel for the place by visiting local and expat-owned businesses, he found instead that it’s a great environment in which to do business. Now he is making plans to move his operating base down there – immediately!

Here at The Q Wealth Report our business for over a decade has been writing about not just how to preserve your assets offshore, but how to create wealth and develop opportunity by actually living offshore. As offshore writer ‘Grandpa’ said in Bye Bye Big Brother, “You don’t know until you go.” The instability in the world right now means that you truly need to know about safe places and alternative opportunities. Right now would be the time to start, and here you will find the information and insight you need to begin your quest.

A full membership is recommended, as this gives you access not just to the regular quarterly editions of The Q Wealth Report, but also to numerous free downloads and a wealth of information on offshore business in general. But probably the most valuable and important thing you will gain by signing up is access to our unique network of contacts, and the opportunity to accompany us on informal tours such as this one! I hope to see you soon.

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