The Practical International (Offshore) Banking Guide – 2015 Edition

The Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Protect Yourself From The “Ongoing” Banking Crisis

Don’t just Survive it … Thrive from it!

Karl Marx once infamously said, that … “Religion is the Opium of the People”

Today it seems that those who believe the current Banking & Financial system has “gone back to normal”, are just equally as hooked on a “drug”.

It is a “drug” that’s now vital to the survival of the system, and hence perhaps even more addictive and persistent than religion itself.

That drug is commonly referred to as … “Hope-ium”.

The term “Hope-ium” was first coined in the 1870’s, and is probably best defined as:

It’s also known in simpler terms as being “delusional” … and surely fits the “put all your eggs in one basket” approach that so many people employ with regard to how they bank and arrange their financial affairs.

In the wake of the recent rise in stock markets, a near universal state of “psychological denial” seems to permeate at least part of the psyche of those who invest in, and benefit most from, the current deeply flawed Banking & Financial system.

The denial is the refusal to see that the recovery from the “Great Recession” that began in 2008, has been anything other than an artificially contrived one.

Because of such denial then, the recent Hope-ium-fuelled “Recovery” has become infinitely more fabricated & fragile than most in the past, and hence infinitely more dangerous and misleading.

The wholly contrived economic “Recovery” has spurred on many savvy investors to diversify and protect themselves.

One of the tools that they have been using comes in the form of a Banking Guide that was first published back in 2007, before the 2008 Crash.

The Guide, now in it 2015 Edition, is called …

The Practical International Banking Guide

  • Why Go Offshore?
  • Is it Legal?
  • How To Choose The RIGHT Offshore Account?
  • A Trust, a Corporation, or a Foundation?
  • When Do You Need a Numbered Account?
  • How To Move Money Between Offshore Accounts?
  • Where Best To Keep Precious Metals?
  • The Best USA & EU-Specific Advice

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As you will soon see, this Guide is an invaluable route-map that has proven itself to be a “can’t do without” for many of the most switched-on investors in the world.

The chart below amply demonstrates why the Guide is so crucial.

The chart graphically demonstrates the accelerating fragility and volatility, of the recent major crashes in the global economy.

Of course very few outside the core coterie of Central Bankers can predict with any degree of certainty exactly when the next “bust” will come, but, savvy observers and Central Banking watchers, recognize 2008 for what it was; a true “watershed moment” in financial history.

What marks the 2008-2015 “recovery cycle” out as being beyond “interesting”, is the “forces” that didn’t so much allow it to happen naturally, but that created it extremely unnaturally!

And it is precisely because of the forced and unnatural conditions of the “2008-2015 Recovery”, that discerning investors, entrepreneurs, and Central Banking watchers alike, became increasingly suspicious and were driven to action.

The seemingly blind believers in the system, on the other hand, appear completely oblivious to the dangers, despite knowing that their system only survived by the skin of its teeth, due to the injection of massive doses of yet another “drug”, the “life support” drug otherwise known as … “Quantitative Easing”.

That QE “drug” then, along with their own addiction to the drug of “Hope-ium”, are what has both inflated and sustained the 2009-2015 (and counting) “Recovery” Bull Run.

What well-informed group investors realise is that the “can” of the economic problem, was really only “kicked down the road”, ready to explode “sometime later”.

Of course, any “success” in the markets, however fabricated and short-sighted it may be, always has investors “coming back for just one more fix” as if nothing extraordinary had happened!

But we all know deep down inside that something extraordinary DID happen back in 2008, that despite mere appearances, the “real economy”, outside the “Ivory Towers of Wall Street”, is far from being “out of the woods”, almost 7 years later.

Despite the all clear being sounded by multiple talking heads on TV, the alarm bells are ringing louder than ever, with an increasing number of veteran investors, like Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Jeremy Grantham, and Bill Gross, all warning that the Supercycle Bull Run is in dire jeopardy.

Discerning investors then instinctively “know” that a fundamental change occurred back in 2008 and ever since, they have been putting their insurance – and their escape plans – firmly in place.

The purpose of what follows then, is to introduce to you the most practical Banking Report that you will find, anywhere. It is a Report that will arm you with all you need to know in order to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from potential harm.

Make no mistake, what happened from 2008 onwards represents possibly the biggest financial “paradigm changing event” that any of us will ever experience; one that savvy investors ever since then, have been quietly shifting their assets in order to take advantage of, as well as remain protected from.

The nature of the “financial paradigm shift” that is going on in front of our very eyes then, is perhaps best illustrated by looking at the following “flat lining” graph.

The graph represents a 7-year phenomenon that is without either parallel or precedent in all of modern financial history.

It is a shift that has truly broken the mould of 20th century economics, one that means we are currently in uncharted and inherently dangerous waters.

What it has meant too, is that “the smart money” has been “preparing accordingly” ever since.

We would urge everyone then, to join them, by getting yourself a copy of …

“The Practical International Banking Guide”

  • Why Go Offshore?
  • Is it Legal?
  • How To Choose The RIGHT Offshore Account?
  • A Trust, a Corporation, or a Foundation?
  • When Do You Need a Numbered Account?
  • How To Move Money Between Offshore Accounts?
  • Where Best To Keep Precious Metals?
  • The Best USA & EU-Specific Advice

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The Guide, now in its 8th Edition, has proven its worth many times over the years and has a core of avid readers who wait for every updated edition, and who truly understand its value.

As the name suggests, the 90+ page Guide is first of all practical, providing an extensive detailed resource list and database of direct contacts to banks and facilitators, who can help you to arrange your financial affairs in such a way as to shield yourself from the worst affects of the next, inevitable, “Bust” in the economic cycle.

The longer that the “flat lining” interest Rate trend is forced to continue, the more it becomes obvious that Central Banks are “hamstrung” and that what has always worked in the past, is simply no longer effective.

What’s worse, is not simply that Interest Rate Cuts may no longer be “effective”, but that they may no longer even be “possible” without tipping the entire economy into full blown “depression” and chaos. Such is the “Catch 22” situation that Central Bankers, and by extension, every one of us, undeniably face.

The very “Old Rules” then, that traditional “free market economics” have always claimed to operate under, have been fundamentally challenged and changed.

We are now in a full blown financial world of contrived “Artificial Reality”, one dominated by High Speed Trading algorithms that literally fix and rig the markets, and of course, one of unlimited injections of fabricated money, supplied by increasingly desperate Central Banks.

EvenThe Don” of Central Banking himself, Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, fully reversed what by then was over 40 years of his own “understanding of the markets”, when, in October 2008, right after the Crash, he made the following astonishing, and all too late, admission :


“I had been going for 40 years or more, with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well …

And what I’m saying to you is, yes, I found a flaw … … a flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure, that defines how the world works, so to speak.”

Alan Greenspan 

Chairman / Federal Reserve

Now that is well worth reading again…..

What he’s talking about here remember, is literally … “How The World Works”!

Over 40 years of accumulated “market wisdom” about how the very “world” itself works, and suddenly Greenspan admits to a “flaw” in his assumptions; a flaw so critical that he is forced to make an admission like that?

Rest assured then, Greenspan’s admission ranks as the most astonishing “climb downs” by any economist, in history, especially coming from one in a position of such unbridled power: power that by his own admission, means that the Federal Reserve Chairman is in a position that is “beyond oversight” even by the elected President of The United States himself!

About a year before the 2008 Crash, the looming sub-Prime crisis was well understood, although it had not yet exploded into a full blown crisis that it was to become.

In the September of 2007, a full year before that 2008 Crash, a still bullish and “not yet chastened & contrite” Alan Greenspan, was asked the following question by PBS anchor, Jim Lehrer :

“What should be the proper relationship be, between a Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?

Jim Lehrer 

PBS / News Anchor

His reply, was illuminating to say the least.  He said the following….

“Well first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place … then what the relationships are, don’t frankly matter.”

Alan Greenspan
Chairman / Federal Reserve

So make no mistake, the Central Banking power of a Chairman of the Federal Reserve knows no bounds, is not even challenged by purportedly “most powerful man in the world”, The U.S. President. Such is the unheralded power that Central Banking possesses at its finger tips.

Clearly, Alan Greenspan knew even back then, that the interest Rate chart above would develop as it did, and he knew too, that the “worn out tool” and “blunt instrument” of mere “Interest Rate Cuts”, was never ever going to be enough to combat the consequences of his “flaw”.

And sure enough, even “flat lining”, near 0% Interest Rates proved to be as good as useless, in “reviving the patient”.

As Greenspan and other Central Bankers have since readily admitted … … Economics had changed forever.

If such “slashed to the bone” interest rates (which constituted “virtually free money” for banks) were still not enough, then what else could be done?

Remember, that on top of those virtually 0% rates, Central Bankers had already secured a “TARP bail out” that they had originally promised would be “limited to” an already eye-watering sum of $700 BILLION dollars in relief funding!

But of course, as we now know, that sum rapidly morphed and mutated into an out of control and unimaginable sum of over $25 TRILLION DOLLARS, all being made available to Banks to mop up their toxic “bets” and “gambling debts” and not just banks from the U.S.A. either, but from all around the world too.

Such already unprecedented interventions and “over-rides” of the so-called “free market” then, made the lack of movement in the “real economy” (rather than the manufactured micro-bubble of “Wall Street”) even more inexplicable.

Remember too, that those TRILLIONS of dollars of “Bail Out” money weren’t just sitting idly in some “Rainy Day Fund” in the basement of the Fed!

That “money” was essentially extorted from (and charged down to) the future earnings capacity of millions of as yet unborn tax payers in the future!

Central Bankers then, were clearly panicked by the total lack of response from this DOUBLE injection of “life support drugs” … and in desperation, they knew that they had no choice … they simply had to “resort to the unthinkable”.

And so it was, that the decision was made to once again, “fire up the printing presses”, and start “printing” literally tens of billions of dollars … every month!

All in order to keep the charade going for a little longer.

They even coined a new phrase to deflect attention away from such “naked” printing of money; they dubbed the furious “printing” that they were suddenly engaging in, “Quantitative Easing”.

It sounded almost benign, but make no mistake, what they were doing amounted to :

1. Blatant counterfeiting and currency debasement

2. An embarrassing admission of the failure of the old order of Economics

This THIRD overt and sustained injection of “artificial QE life support” into the Banking system did the “trick” and the stock exchanges at last had the funding necessary to “recover” and shoot for the stars.

But it was still a “trick” nonetheless … and a “trick” it surely remains.

Don’t be fooled by the temporary lull in the U.S. Version of QE either.

QE continues, only in a different guise and through a different source.

Japan and the EU are currently filling the void, with the Mario Draghi of The European Central Bank, as recently as January 2015, announcing that they will pump €1.1 TRILLION EUROS … at a rate of €60bn a month (?!) … into European financial markets, until September 2016!

And who’d bet against QE2, QE3, and on and on?     Not many!

All of this of course, is an attempt to prevent the fragile Eurozone economy from grinding to a complete halt!

With youth unemployment still languishing at rates in excess of 50% in some Southern European countries, such financial artificial “life support drugs” are surely “needed”.

Historic 10-Year Treasury Bond Yields, 1870 – 2010. Notice “Black Tuesday” 1929, and “Black Monday”, 1987

The fact that such unprecedented measures have been needed, in order to “reanimate the corpse” of the “global village economy”, ought to have awakened everyone by now, to the illusory nature of the so-called “safety” of Western Banking and financial markets.

According to “the Old Rules” of “free market economics”, such unprecedented “flat-lining” Interest Rates alone ought to have been more than enough to “jump start” the economy.

But it wasn’t enough. Far from it.

But the measures did serve one extremely useful purpose.

They provided savvy “Central Bank watchers” with all the data they needed to finally know that something was very wrong and uniquely “different” about the “Bust” of 2008.

What logically follows then is that the subsequent “Post-Crash Boom” in the Stock Markets must also be regarded as being equally “suspect”, fragile and fabricated.

So, while many savvy investors and readers of The Practical International Banking Guide have been happy enough to “ride the wave” up … they are also “well informed” enough, and “switched on” enough to never have been fooled by the “Smoke & Mirrors” and “Sleight of Hand” that the Money Magicians of Central Banking have doled out.

Readers of the Banking Guide long ago saw “the writing on the wall” and have been quietly preparing themselves accordingly, ever since.

So we would again urge you to follow their example!

Prepare for and protect yourself against, what increasingly shows all the signs of being a massive shift away from the forced and contrived dominance, enjoyed by Western banking for centuries now.

So, while many savvy investors and readers of The Practical International Banking Guide have been happy enough to “ride the wave” up … they are also “well informed” enough, and “switched on” enough to never have been fooled by the “Smoke & Mirrors” and “Sleight of Hand” that the Money Magicians of Central Banking have doled out.

It is a case of WHEN, not IF, such a turnaround comes

Don’t get caught out
It is a trade that we simply cannot afford to be late getting into

The one “common denominator” realization that binds this small group of well informed people together then, is that they realise that the incoming “financial hurricane” is bound to make “land fall” with the most devastating impact, in the heart of the current Western financial capitals.

That is why, for years now, they have been quietly diversifying and moving their assets out of these seemingly “invincible”, but ultimately extremely vulnerable, jurisdictions.

They have instead, been moving them into safer, calmer waters of international jurisdictions where privacy and “the rule of law” still mean something, and where they are still relatively respected.

That is why we are proud to encourage you to access the latest, fully updated, 2015 Edition of

The Practical International Banking Guide – 2015 edition

  • Why Go Offshore?
  • Is it Legal?
  • How To Choose The RIGHT Offshore Account?
  • A Trust, a Corporation, or a Foundation?
  • When Do You Need a Numbered Account?
  • How To Move Money Between Offshore Accounts?
  • Where Best To Keep Precious Metals?
  • The Best USA & EU-Specific Advice

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Desperate for a return on investment (ROI), where were investors to turn?

The Bond market has been on an unremitting bull run since 1981, but where can it go now when fully 25% of European bonds, for instance, have a NEGATIVE rate of return?!

It means that bond holders are literally paying to “park their money” in perceived “safe haven” destinations, like Switzerland and Germany.

Riddled with as yet unresolved fraudulent manipulations like LIBOR, “Interest Rate Manipulation” is “under the microscope” like never before, as is Forex Trading and Gold Price Suppression, for “similar price fixing” reasons.

Food commodity speculation too, was perceived as being too dangerous. Such targeting contributed to “food riots” and civil unrest in multiple developing world countries, including those where the “Arab Spring” broke our in 2011.

So that left the “trusty” Stock Markets as the focus of ROI, and they have duly obliged.

All of these then, are just more reasons to take advantage of the advice contained in the 2015 Edition of “The Practical International Banking Guide”.

As you can see, the Report is available at a cost of just $97

Alternatively … it comes free, as just one of many benefits of becoming a Member of “The Q Wealth Report”

You Can Check out the Membership Benefits HERE…

Whichever way you choose to access the Guide, we urge you to get it into your hands as soon as possible.

The “writing” has been “on the wall” for a long time now. The storm is just over the horizon.

The present way of running the Economy is simply too far down the road to avoid the consequences of its own mismanagement. So please act without delay.

Being caught out in the storm, without an “insurance policy” or a “B-Plan” is simply unthinkable and the holders of the “smart money” have already moved to the “lagoons” of international jurisdictions.

If you feel the time is right (and it is) to join them, then don’t hesitate. Act now, and take the first steps to securing your future.

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  • Why Go Offshore?
  • Is it Legal?
  • How To Choose The RIGHT Offshore Account?
  • A Trust, a Corporation, or a Foundation?
  • When Do You Need a Numbered Account?
  • How To Move Money Between Offshore Accounts?
  • Where Best To Keep Precious Metals?
  • The Best USA & EU-Specific Advice

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