Not all VPN products are created equally

Have you experienced this during your Internet research about security? Nearly every computer security news item that dig a little deeper into has the same solution; use a reliable VPN to encrypt your Internet communications. It can’t just be me that is seeing this. The advice about using a VPN is become louder and more frequent. That’s great! Now. Step it up a notch and learn that not all VPN products are created equally.

On a daily basis I seem to follow the computer security blogs of Graham Cluley. He writes in a manner I can understand and writes about real-life topics. He recently wrote a piece that is entitled “Port fail – Serious privacy vulnerability threatens VPNs with port-forwarding capabilities” That got my attention very quickly. Here is the full article:

After reading the article I decided to contact Cryptohippie Support to determine if the Road Warrior VPN product, the top-of-the-line product we endorse and encourage, was affected by this “port fail” issue. Here is what I found out.


We do not have port forwarding enabled on our VPN, so we don’t have any issues with this.

Not much else to say, unfortunately. These are the ‘small’ things that Cryptohippie was built up around preventing.

These small leaks and small security holes are common in many VPNs.

Cryptohippie Support

Those comments and explanation made me feel a lot better. It also helped me to see that not all VPN products are created equally. My confidence in the Cryptohippie Road Warrior VPN product, and my confidence in recommending it to you, has increased. Every time I send Cryptohippie Support a question about this or that feature that plagues other VPN products, I get back a clear, concise, and understandable explanation

Isn’t that what you want? Clarity. Security. Capabilities.

I encourage you to visit the FAQ section of the Cryptohippie web site. Investigate the product thoroughly. Learn for yourself that not all VPN products are created equally. The Road Warrior VPN product and network has been built from the ground up to offer excellence in security and ease of use. The multi-jurisdictional hops is a unique feature to Cryptohippie that dramatically increases your privacy and security while on the Internet.

Employ a robust and world-class VPN service. This topic, and a recommendation for a VPN, is covered in the section “Secure Your Internet Use” of our report The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals. The security and privacy of your personal information is within your control. Read the report and start to protect yourself now.

Here is a video from Frederick D. our Computer Security Expert… See what he has to say here about Computer Security Solutions.

All thanks and credit for the above article must go to the Graham Cluley at He is a terrific resource on computer security and I follow his work everyday.

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