Noble Titles – Purchasing the Unpurchasable?

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noble titles
Noble Titles

The theme of titles of nobility is slightly removed from our normal topics of offshore bank accounts, precious metals and wealth creation… but going back over the years noble titles have been a recurring theme of interest to readers of our private newsletter.

There are, of course, many scams and fake orders of nobility. Richard Cawte and our constitutional lawyer the Duke de Ronceray have both been instrumental in exposing a number of ‘noble scams.’ The internet has made it much easier to keep track of scammers too, and to carry out the necessary due diligence on previously unknown noble orders.

Nobility, however, does have a lot to do with wealth. As regular readers are aware, wealth is not just about riches. Wealth is about being complete, and participating positively in our communities. And this is exactly the tradition of nobility that we wish to encourage and support.

With this in mind, I have a call today to readers of the blog. I would like to know if this is a theme that interests you?

Here at Q Wealth we do have contact with some reliable, honest and genuine orders of nobility and we can make the necessary introductions. If there is a reasonable level of interest in this topic, we will be happy to put together an article for an upcoming edition of the Q Wealth Report, and perhaps to include a White Paper in the Members’ Area explaining more about the specific contacts we have.

If you are interested in ‘offshore’ nobility – that is, if you consider yourself a noble person and you seek social recognition of that fact – please feel free to contact myself, Peter Macfarlane initially via the Q Wealth communications office in London…

15 thoughts on “Noble Titles – Purchasing the Unpurchasable?”

  1. Yes, using purchased noble titles responsibly will get the holding individual greater status in the community (assuming that there is a charitable motive) and would be a great method of getting a last-minute reservations at popular restaurants. Please write an article about this subject and let us know the cost of attaining such titles as well as the cost of the introduction.

  2. I'm working on this at the moment, please either send me a mail, or be sure you are a a Q Wealth member so you will be notified through the newsletter…

  3. Owning a guesthouse in an offshore juridiction and offering offshore services I have decided to buy a Lordship of the Manor from a village in the UK near to where I grew up. I feel it may help on my headed paper but with money worth so little at present may be a small investment in fun too. I have talked to "Noble Titles" who offer insured title guarantee and am quite comfortable with what I have seen. Any warnings I should be aware of.

  4. Jamie, I totally agree with you that manorial titles are a great long term investment. A title like that is a fun investment you can enjoy, provided you don't take yourself too seriously! I am not sure who or what is "Noble Titles" and I am not sure about noble title guarantee insurance. Title insurance is an American concept not usually found in the UK. It just sounds a little odd to me. Maybe you should talk to an independent title insurance company about it. You can buy lordships of the manor from reputable auction houses like Sotheby's or Christies. If you like to send me the link to Noble Titles, I will take a look when I can. For any urgent matters it is better to contact me by email.

  5. Pufik: yes I'm working on an article about how to use Noble Titles. It won't be in QWR 52 but I'll see if I can't get it into edition 53. Stay tuned!

  6. Hello peter,

    How do you do, I wish to get offshore nobility and would like to discuss about that, the tittle would give me a better social status and would help me and i could help others as a noble man

  7. If you become the owner of an estate in Scotland you are entitled to assume the Scottish feudal title of Laird, which is a title of the lower aristocracy, of a similar standing to Lord-of-the-Manor.

    They sell Laird titles together with co-ownership of an estate here:

  8. Always nice topic and what I can see is that this "title-distributors" have very nice websites. When you read them, you should almost believe them with a 1-year money-back warranty! Elite Titles is also a company which sells titles, even inheritable titles for the amount of GBP 995,–. When you give your emailaddress the fun starts. After 2 days a email with 10% discount when you apply for a title. After 1 week an email with 25% discount!! That sounds more interesting. I wonder what will happen after 1 month 🙂 They also provide a "Deed" so yo can add your "title" on your passport, creditcard etc. Well I wonder what will happen when I ask the authorities to change my name on my passport.

    It goes further… website they say they are an "auction-house" for titles and… wow, they offer titles for GBP 45,000. Genuine? I really have my doubts, but here also… when you read the site and you are really intended to have a title, it's difficult to refuse, especially when they send you regular emails with discounts.

  9. Today there is many Royal Famileies still with peopel of the swordside living,hundreds of years after their monarchy and country no longer exists. As far as i know,the head of those royal families are entitled to make peopel in to real nobless with international recognisible titles. But,it is very risky to try to find out who of the pretender to old wanished countries thrones really are legitimate . For common peopel,it is even more risky,as the lawyars and seller of these titels are so well trained in manipulative text and claims. Therefore i suggest that those who,for some reason want a nobless title,first of all hie a LOCAL LAWYAR to deal with the "sellers","Selling Companies" or clamied Lawyars selling titles.Otherwise it is a big chance you buy a worthless titel that will bring you to court for using it.

  10. Yes..I would be interested in this topic. There has been a “silver cloud” over my family name for years..suggestion a bond to royality. I have not put forth, in earnest, an investigation to date but may do so soon. Your info might be constructive in my inititive. Thank You

    • Thank you for your comment and we apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Let me send you an email right away with some options for you on how you can get in touch with our experts.


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