New Zealand Offshore Trusts for Privacy and Asset Protection

Here at Q Wealth we strive to bring you the best offshore banking and asset protection options – and tell you important facts about them that you may not read elsewhere. Our advice is impartial as our business is selling subscriptions, not asset protection or offshore banking setups.

We have a small but highly select and dedicated team of experts beavering away behind the scenes seeking out important informatiomn on behalf of our freedom-loving members. And one of the benefits of being a full member is getting access to this exclusive material at no extra charge.

Today we would like to introduce you to a new Q Wealth expert, New Zealand trust consultant John Allcard. He has just finished, co-authored with Peter Macfarlane, a brand new report on another recommended offshore asset protection strategy: “Trusting in Trusts.”

Some offshore asset protection options stand head and shoulders above others. Peter Macfarlane’s exclusive report demystifying Panama Private Interest Foundations (sometimes incorrectly known as Panama Asset Protection trusts) was appreciated by many readers, and is available free to members for immediate download.

But many people have asked us about trusts – specifically things like asset protection trusts, living trusts, medicaid asset protection structures, investment protection trusts, etc.

Why would you want to use such a trust?

Below is a checklist John and Peter developed regarding what you can do with offshore wealth and asset preservation trusts. See if any of the following requirements apply to you…

  • You want to protect your assets offshore, keeping them private and confidential
  • You want to invest offshore for growth and wealth accumulation
  • You want to achieve financial freedom and not be bound to the economic woes of any one government, country or currency
  • You want to safeguard your business, assets and family against malicious or unwarranted lawsuits, seizures or criminal charges
  • You want to legally pay as little tax as possible
  • You want to place a legal defense barrier between you and the government – in other words, to gain the offshore advantage
  • You want to protect your assets against the risk of divorce
  • You want to leave a tax-free inheritance to your children’s children and beyond
  • You want to support good causes – to choose where your money is put to good use, rather than letting the government make that choice for you.

Trusts are one of the most important asset protection tools used by elite or Super Rich families all over the world. Trillions of dollars’ worth of assets are likely held via trusts – but there are no statistics on them. Can you guess why? :)

Anyhow, if you are serious about protecting your hard earned wealth, you should read this exclusive free report on how to use offshore trusts, “Trusting Trusts” is our first new research report for 2010. But as a Q Wealth member, you can get an advance copy right now, within the next few minutes. You can download it in our Members’ Area.

The first part of this report explains in general terms what is an offshore trust, and most importantly how you can use a Trust to achieve the offshore asset protection and wealth protection benefits listed above, besides many others.

The second part of this report focuses specifically on New Zealand as a jurisdiction for offshore asset protection trusts. As you will discover, New Zealand is one of the premier jurisdictions today for setting up wealth preservation structures.

If you are thinking of setting up an offshore asset protection trust or any similar offshore asset preservation structure, whether in New Zealand, the Cook Islands or elsewhere… but are not yet sure if it’s right for you… then this report is essential reading. Your investment in time will be well worthwhile.

You will learn to get the most out of your trust, and at the same time it could save you from making potentially disastrous and costly mistakes.

For further information, simply sign up now or visit our new Offshore Asset Protection Trusts information page.

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