Monday Morning Blues: Go with Your Feelings!

for The Q Wealth Report

It being Monday morning in this part of the world, I was reminded of a few pieces of research I read about recently, showing that getting up in the morning is bad for teenagers.

Starting school earlier, studies show, leads to decreases in learning and productivity. Studies in the US have found that it’s normal for adolescents to go to sleep later at night and wake up later in the day than adults, and that early starts and loss of sleep could be hampering student performance in school.

The logical choice, of course, would be to start school later, but for some reason a lot of school boards don’t like that idea. Maybe they think the teenagers are lazy. Maybe, teenagers haven’t been fully and properly comditioned yet into the wage slave lifecycle?

Starting school later is something they do in Finland for example. Finnish students begin school later, and study fewer hours, than in other rich countries. Yet Finland consistently ranks within the top five countries of the world for educational performance, the others being Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and – interestingly – Canada. (I say interestingly, because Canada might at first glance appear to have something like the dismal school systems in the US and UK, but that’s a whole different topic)

Now I’m no teenager, but I also hate getting up early in the mornings. I don’t believe that teenagers are really so different from the rest of us. Yet I know plenty of people who like to get up early, finding it the most productive time of the day. I guess it was one of those people who invented that phrase “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!”

The answer is simply that we are all different. We all have different attributes. There is no one size fits all strategy. Just like in so many other matters (eating and investing are two we frequently highlight) we have to learn to listen to our bodies, to our instincts which have been conditioned out of us by culture and education.

Our bodies are very adept at telling us when we need to sleep and when to wake. I’m convinced that if you simply sleep when you feel tired, and wake up when you feel refreshed and motivated, you’ll not only be a whole lot more productive in your work, but you’ll be healthier too and you will live longer. There’s no science to it. Whether you wake and work later or earlier, doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you find the best time of day for yourself, rather than listening to what others tell you.

As with a lot of health issues, the problem comes when we don’t listen to our bodies. I believe waking up to an alarm clock probably does your body about as much harm as smoking a cigarette. If you do it for years on end, it will take years off your life. Waking up naturally and feeling refreshed and relaxed is the beginning of a successful, wealth-creating day.

So, that’s just one reason why the wage slave lifestyle and memntality is bad for you. If you are unfortunate enough to still be living that, do something brave. Get rid of the alarm clock. Come to our seminar in Panama in November, and Richard and I will personally make sure it changes your life for the better!

I could go into this in much more depth, and will do sometime soon in a Q Wealth Report article. But for now, I need to take a rest…

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