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When you join Q Wealth, you get instant access to the Members Only area of our website, giving you anytime access to our full collection of expert reports, articles and blog posts on protecting and growing your wealth safely – and privately – offshore.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll receive:

  • Immediate Access to Q Wealth Members Area
  • The 2020 Gold Report
  • The COVID-19 Economic Security Guide
  • Access to our prized Rolodex Referrals and Expert Consultants
  • Access to Six Years of archived Quarterly Q Wealth Reports; read or download
  • All new Reports as published

Expert insights to survive & thrive in an uncertain world

With global political and economic uncertainty at a peak due to COVID-19, there’s never been a better time to take control of your financial future – and safeguard your future wealth – by learning about the opportunities and security going offshore can offer you.

Our Members’ Reports – created through close extensive research and consultation with a wide range of industry experts and insiders, provide insightful, actionable information to safeguard and expand your freedom and wealth.

Discover the best ways to protect and grow your assests

Whether you’re looking to protect your assets, assure a comfortable retirement abroad, set up a business or grow your wealth offshore, our specialists Experts will help you to:

  • Find physical and financial save havens: Creating “Untouchable Wealth”
  • Minimize global tax burdens
  • Diversify your assets into stable currencies
  • Legitimately assure confidentiality of your offshore activities
  • Invest in under-the-radar private opportunities
  • Discover opportunities and preserve value with gold and precious metals

Q Wealth BASIC

When you join Q Wealth, you get instant access to the Members Only area of our website
$95 Per Year
  • The Practical International Banking Guide
  • The Second Passport, Citizenship and Residency Report
  • The Complete Computer Security Guide for Mere Mortals!
  • Free email consultation
  • Access to our new no-name atm card (not available to non-members)
  • Access to our rolodex of professionals in the world of banking, citizenship, residency, asset protection, company formation and estate planning
  • Untouchable Wealth – How to Protect your Ass and your Assets
  • The 8 Most Important Rules of Going Offshore
  • Paraguay 1: Under the Radar Residency
  • Paraguay 2: Land of Opportunity
  • The Panama Banking Guide
  • Panama Trusts and Foundations Demystified
  • Bitcoin 1: What is Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin 2: How does it work?
  • Umbrella Remuneration Trusts and Asset Trusts Explained
  • Trading Your Way to Success
  • Offshore Pilot: Quarterly Offshore Newsletter
  • BFI Insights: Quarterly Financial Newsletter
  • Monthly Special Reports from Kris Karlsson

PLUS – new reports that will be coming online in the next few months including:

  • The Gold Report
  • The Uruguay Report

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Everything in the Q Wealth Basic Membership, PLUS...
$397 Coming Soon
  • A free $500 phone consultation with one of our experts
  • $500 discount off an IBC or LLC
  • 10% discount on ALL Members Only Offshore Events (average savings of $200 per Event attended!)
  • Personal Email Consultationwith a Q Wealth Expert on your own private situation
  • Access to recordings of all past and future webinars
  • $500 discount off a Trust or Foundation
  • $100 discount off our no-name atm card
  • $200 discount off a consultation with our Computer Security Expert
  • $500 discount per month for our online SEO & Social Marketing Package, which includes a monthly consultancy – More details in the members area
  • $500 discount from Paraguay Residency Application
  • $1000 discount from any application for an approved Caribbean Citizenship Programme

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Everything included in both the Membership & Premium Membership, PLUS...
$2997.00 + Coming Soon
  • 50% discounts to all Members Only events (Except hotel accommodation)
  • 90 minute personal initial phone consult with a Q Wealth expert
  • Unlimited follow-up emails with the expert during your membership period
  • 60 minute personal strategy call every quarter to keep your plans on track
  • 60 minute personal meeting with a Q Wealth Expert at any Members Only Event you attend
  • Free spouse attendance at any Members Only Events
  • No-name high limit offshore debit card
  • Unlimited personal recommendations to the best private bankers and Q Wealth Experts – taking the meaning of personal introductions to another level.
  • Access to exclusive private investment opportunities

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100% money back guarantee

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