Make Money Fast from the ‘Second Stimulus’ Chatter

In this article: a quick preview of a way to profit from economic turmoil… Canada’s largest ever gold discovery. This is something our Q Bytes subscribers already received details of today. If you are not yet on the Q Bytes list (and remember it’s FREE!) you have a second chance, because we will send out this link again on Saturday. Read on for more details…

The $787 billion approved in February was not enough, it seems! For example Laura Tyson, an  adviser to President Barack Obama, is quoted by Bloomberg as saying it was “a bit too small.” See also this link about Gold Price Speculation.

As I seem to remember there have been quite a few stimulus deals already…  so where somebody got the idea that this is only the second, I don’t know. But anyway, the chatterers are asking for a “Second Stimulus.” Whether this craziness actually goes ahead or not, it is once again highlighting the potential for decline of the dollar – and the consequent rise in Gold.

I see inflation as the most imminent threat to your capital. Allow me to explain. The Monetary Base is made up of currency in circulation, reserves that banks have on deposit with the Fed, and (last but not least) Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)  stashed away in bank vaults. This is themoney used in our daily transactions, and as such is the most accurate indicator of inflation.

Between 1960 and 2008, the Monetary Base grew at roughly 6% annually, with a spike around 15% just before the turn of the century. But get this: Between September 2008 and April 2009, the Monetary Base exploded to a 110% growth rate. That means cash available to do business more than doubled in the space of just eight months. And since April… well, you get the idea!

With this level of liquidity, prices have to start rising in a big way. In fact, market guru Marc Faber says he is sure that U.S. will soon go into hyperinflation. Meanwhile other experts suggest that the UK is equally on the edge of a serious currency crisis.

What does all this mean? One short, four letter word:  G O L D ! We’ve written many times about Gold and Precious Metals Investing generally, and more specifically in our Members Section about how to buy and hold gold bullion offshore for the ultimate privacy, hedging and completely legal non-reportability.

But today I am not writing about Gold Bullion. While gold is slow, steady and relatively conservative… there is a way to leverage gold investments and make a lot of money very quickly when the gold price soars. I’m talking of course about gold mining stocks. And right now there is a very interesting opportunity that has come my way, from a couple of highly reputable people, both industry insiders, that has a very high potential upside. It’s interesting because it has two upsides… not just the leverage on the soaring gold price, but the fact that it’s currently undervalued and this is a chance to get in on a new gold find at the ground floor.

It’s not every day that the biggest gold find in Canadian history goes on record! But that’s what’s about to happen.

So I believe the time is right to introduce you to a contact who has all the inside information on it… an veteran ‘hands on’ investor of the Canadian mining business. I named him to Q Bytes readers in an email this morning, but will decline to name him in public here.  Suffice to say, if you missed out you still have a chance. Get on our Q Bytes list by midnight Friday, and I’ll make sure you get this information on Saturday.

He is going to tell you a great story… about a “renegade geologist” and his “mom-and-pop” company who are right now sitting on a mother lode of 10.6 million ounces of gold on their mining property. It’s soon going to go on record as the biggest gold find in Canada… the seventh largest in all of North America.

Now I’d like to point out, to those people out there who want everything for free, that good, hands-on type research costs money (just look at my travel bills each year…) So I’m not saying I’m going to give you all the insider research and contact information you need to take advantage of this deal for free. But Q Bytes readers will have the opportunity to read this story and get full information and insight on how this could work,  and very importantly how you could make money in short order. We mailed some info to our readers today, and we will repeat the relevant links on Saturday, to anyone whois a current Q Bytes reader as of midnight tomorrow Friday.  And Q Bytes is completely free and without any obligation whatsoever. You can sign up to Q Bytes here. Don’t miss out!

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