MaidSafe: When Technology Mimics Nature

When Technology Mimics NatureBy Peter Le

With so much attention focused on Bitcoin, there are new emerging technologies based on the digital currency movement. If you have not heard of these, take note: Ethereum, Ripple, and MaidSafe. For all these new innovations, one stands out for me in particular that is actually older than Bitcoin.

MaidSafe is a technology that began more than 9 years ago in 2006. The development was based on academics and all-truistic goals of providing security and privacy to the individual. It was not created in response to any particular negative events that occurred.

What is so fascinating is that their team and founders emulate the power of nature as it is the firm belief that anything created by man can never trump over what nature can make. Nature knows better how to create the order and balance of things than any person.

In particular, the team looked at and studied the behaviour and system of ant colonies. MaidSafe’s motto is “The Ants Are Coming.” What this means in terms of this technology is it models the decentralized order of ants and how ants work together, repair or take over others when one is damaged, and adapt to changing conditions.

MaidSafe is like a giant ant colony of technology, small pieces of intelligent programs that determine at the individual level what role it should take, how to survive and thrive in the dynamic environment of information passing through it, and take decisive action without human intervention.

It is not only mind-blowing, but a great metaphor for life coming full circle in a way where we finally have nature and technology becoming intertwined and interconnected in a positive way. This is a blend of two worlds where at times they work against each other, but now there is this example of two forces co-existing and complementing each other, while maintaining a balance throughout.

Currently MaidSafe is in testing mode which its network is scheduled to be released to the public this year. For people, the benefits of using this technology are new ways to store information and create applications such as email that remove third parties from being the middleman, which at times that role is exposed to potential abuse and breach of privacy.

That is just the beginning, payment systems can be created in which it is purely peer-to-peer or where there is no need for financial institutions in between to parties who need to make a transaction.

The power of the Ants will power this new Internet, where the more information that is consumed, produced, then quicker the speed. It is the total opposite of our current Internet, in that this system encourages more participation and more usage, which then increases performance exponentially. The more you download, the faster it will be. In other words, a decentralized Internet is being created by MaidSafe where technology is sovereign.

Keep in an eye on those Ants!

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