Looking for the “Right” Wealth Creating Opportunity for You

Are you sitting, waiting for the “right” opportunity to come along? Follow this advice.

By Dr Richard Cawte

There are plenty of opportunities out there.  The deal of a decade doesn’t happen once every ten years, it happens as often as you want it to.  Life is not about opportunity, it’s about choices: the choices you make each and every day.  Are you choosing to welcome new opportunities or have you already decided that things never go your way, that someone else is always the lucky one?

One thing is for sure: if you are in a permanent state of high stress, worrying about money, fretting over how you’re going to pay the bills, you will find it harder to bring the wealth that you want into your life.  It’s a simple rule: it doesn’t matter how many ships there are out at sea or how full of goodies they are, none of them can get into the harbour if there’s a storm raging.  Your ships come in over a calm sea.

We all have plenty of ships out there in the seas of opportunity, but often we are so anxious, so worried, that we create too much turbulence for them to get to the dock.  To become a magnet that attracts what you want in life, you need to say farewell to worry and stress.  After all, when did you last see a worried magnet?

If you walk away from something out of fear, you take it with you.  One of the things I help my mentoring clients do is to face up to their fears, but not in a way that is uncomfortable.  I don’t believe that we have to “move out of our comfort zone” in order to achieve success.

Stay in your comfort zone!

In fact, I help people do the opposite: move right into your comfort zone, because by doing that, you find you’re doing what comes naturally, and you find that you’ve walked up to your fears in the process, and that the monsters you created in your mind are really just poodles you can handle easily!

Do it with a smile.

When you’re in your comfort zone, it’s easy to smile.

To me, that’s what life’s about.  If you ask me how I measure wealth, I’d say that you can measure it in how many times you smile each day.

It makes good business sense too.  There’s a great Chinese proverb (I love those old proverbs!) that says: “A man who cannot smile must not open a shop” and that’s absolutely right.  When you’re doing something that makes you feel good about yourself you are more likely to smile, and that is attractive to other people.

For some reason people seem to think we have to be serious to show we’re working hard.  When the boss comes in to the office, everyone stops messing around and joking and pretends to be very serious.  It’s one of the things we all have to unlearn, because you can bet your bottom dollar that when you’re doing something that makes you smile, you’ll spend more time doing it, and you’ll be successful as a result.

So, it really does pay to be light-hearted! Or, to put it another way,  Wealth Mastery is Being Well.
Note: The above entry is a brief extract from an article entitled Being Wealth = Well Being by Dr Richard Cawte which appears in issue 51 of The Q Wealth Report, available to subscribers at the beginning of September 2008. Log in here. If you would like to find out more about Dr Richard Cawte, visit his website www.richardcawte.com

Dr Richard Cawte will also be speaking on Wealth Psychology and Well-Being at Recipes for Success – Q Wealth’s event in Panama City, Panama this November. For further details you can visit www.qwealthevents.com

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