Libertools vs Slavetools

by MB for The Q Wealth Report

A libertool is any tool that you can use to liberate yourself … to free yourself from whatever holds you back. It’s a tool that advances your competence, effectiveness, freedom, health, wealth, happiness, etc.

What are some examples of Libertools?

  • Wealth-building and personal managment skills enable you to free yourself from a ‘wage slave’ lifestyle, or from getting bogged down in stress.
  • Simply knowing where you are going is a libertool. Most people don’t have realistic plans. If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get there!
  • Online wealth building skills (whether your own e-commerce business, or simply using online brokerage accounts etc) can help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve to live the life you desire.
  • Health and wellness information, like understanding good nutrition and healthy living, will empower you to prevent or overcome most illness and disease.
  • PGP, Virtual Private Networking and other technologies that protect you online against identity theives, censorship and so on are libertools that let you get on with your daily life in freedom and privacy.
  • Learning to use your instincts (for example “Instinctive Investing”) is a proven technique to free yourself from conditioning you have grown up with, and constant dumbing down by the mainstream media.
  • The online virtual economy is a potent libertool for individual economic empowerment.

In short, anything that brings about positive individual empowerment is a libertool. There are many other examples. In the Q Wealth Report we focus on empowering you with libertools. Focusing on the positive can be a very powerful strategy to improve conditions of individual lives, as well as in the world generally.

Look for, identify and develop your own personal libertools!

The opposite of a libertool is slavetool. Oppressive governments use slavetools, such as vast surveillance databases or unjust and unfair tax collection strategies, designed to keep us under control. Perhaps even worse, slavetools are sometimes deeply embedded inside our psyches, based on the conditioning we have received since childhood.

Many people think they can break free by “fighting slavetools” or trying to reform them – concentrating the negative. Maybe, what they should do instead is identify and develop libertools, use them every day, and persuade people to use them. Would that work better?

What do you think? Please write in and let us know.

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