Last Chance for Cancun Discount

Just a quick reminder that close of business tomorrow is the deadline to qualify for the Early Bird bonus on entry tickets and personal consultations at our offshore wealth creation event in Cancun, Mexico.

Why would you attend this event?

  • To learn more about which offshore corporate structure, foundation or trust is right for you. A Belize IBC, a Panama Foundation, a New Zealand offshore trust or something completely different?
  • Learn about the best offshore banking countries and the best offshore banks. Peter will be explaining why countries you’ve possibly never even heard of may be the best offshore banking jurisdictions in 2010.
  • Learn how to live offshore and run businesses internationally. If you are into consulting, writing, offshore e-commerce, online video etc you should attend this event. Likewise if you see one of these businesses in your future.
  • Learn how to protect your assets. It’s all very well paying an attorney to do it for you, but lawyers are more interested in their fees than your well-being. We teach you how to do it yourself.

Above are just a few of the reasons you might want to attend our Cancun event in March. But there’s another reason too….

For the first time we have decided to offer discounts on offshore corporations, foundations etc ordered from Peter Macfarlane & Associates S.A. at this event. Our reasoning behind this is simple: explaining offshore structures to a group is much more time-efficient than explaining it individually over the e-mail or phone. Savings in time equal savings in money.

With the above discounts, your attendance at the event and your personal one-hour consultation can work out basically free if you decide to go ahead and set up an offshore structure for yourself.

We are also looking for long-term relationship building. You look us in the eye, we look you in the eye. In my view, that is the best form of due diligence.

If you are reading this before December 23rd, it’s not too late to take advantage of our early bird discount. Contact Frederick and he will get back to you with the necessary information: events at  (Replace the at with the @ symbol – we do that to deter spammers)

See you there!

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