Kris Karlsson’s – That Was The Week That Was

Kris_Karlsson“That Was The Week That Was”

by Kris Karlsson

Just excuse me guys please, while I tear out what’s left of my hair!

It was the same ol’ same ol’ story this week in the Western financial markets I’m afraid, as they virtually “flat lined”, with the “market makers” artificially keeping the “no change … nothing to see here” meme going.

Caught like a deer in the headlights right now, the markets were about as pulse-less as a Federal Reserve interest rate policy, as the Dow posted a mere 0.8% rise over the course of the entire past week.

Almost as if to say “move along, nothing to see here folks”, the fabricated, algorithm-driven stock markets of the “Developed Nations”, continue to be transparently detached from reality.

Ironically, that missing reality is to be partly found in some the words of the “International Monetary Fund” (IMF) would you believe!

However, mixed in with it, they disingenuously issue warnings about what should be done, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the very policies that ensure that that “advice” can’t and won’t be taken!

Only a matter of a few days ago then, the IMF warned that financial markets were facing what they described as …

… “an unprecedented adjustment”!

Say that again!

Have you paused to mull over just for a moment, exactly what they mean by that?

Compare that stark assessment of the future then, with the “economic barometer” of the “nothing to see here” markets of this past week!


Am I the only one? Or does anyone else here smell what I’m smelling?

Meanwhile, the other two heads of the Cerberus hell hound, the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) and The Bank Of England (BOE), have also recently fork-tongued advice out of their mouths, of course doling out two yet further, completely conflicting sets of warnings.

The net result then, is probably best summed up by considering the following equation …

IMF + BIS + BOE = Total BS!

There is simply no way now, that one policy can possibly accommodate all of their advice!

Look, the Bank of International Settlement insists that interest rates have been, in their words …

… “too low for too long” … and insist that they must be raised.


Because they say, they have encouraged “too much risk-taking in financial markets”.

So have banks been taking too many risks with our money?

Yes of course they have!

But does that mean that The Federal Reserve even can raise rates?

It seems not!

But on the other hand (or out of their other mouth more accurately!) we have The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, Mr. Andy Haldane, warning that the world is entering what he describes as the …

“ … latest episode of a three-part Crisis Trilogy”!

Of course ironically, he too is at least right about that part!

But where his no-so-subtle deception creeps in, is when he then slyly introduces the Bank of England’s so-called “cure” to the problem … the notion that the panacea to all of this, is the Trojan Horse introduction of a “Negative Interest Rate Policy” (NIRP).

Seriously, just run for the hills guys when they trundle THAT “wooden horse” through the city gates!

And so on and on it goes then, as the conflicting “advice” continues.

The BIS pulling one way, the Bank of England pulling another, and The Federal Reserve stuck in the middle not knowing what to do, so doing nothing!

And meanwhile, as the endless prevarications rumble on, the “Rome” of the Emerging Markets continues to burn mercilessly.

And as that Fire of Rome continues, our Central Banking’s “luminaries” continue to “fiddle” (in more ways than one) as they roll out their deliberately destructive and deliberately conflicting, “push me-pull me” so-called “advice”.

With such a chronic, “headless-chicken” level of advice on offer then, the rest of us are left with no choice but to batten down the hatches, and head for safer waters.

Seriously guys, just get on board in the Members Area … this is getting bad.

This level of “detachment from reality” simply cannot end well.

The Q Wealth Report Members Area now has a whole raft (no pun intended) of new and practical solutions, to help mitigate against, and shelter you from, the worst effects of the upcoming storm.

It’s clear now, that “they” are NOT going to help us … we all surely know that by now.

But, being “a day late” in trying avoiding this one guys, just isn’t going to cut it.

You need a safety net!

And please don’t be misled by the Pollyannas, the “all is well”, and the “nothing to see here” brigades!

They simply do not have your interests at heart!

Things are far from “well” … and there’s much to “see” … and we all instinctively know that … don’t we?!

Look at The Q Wealth Report Membership program as an insurance, if nothing else.

But please know this much … that over these last few months, the level of genuine value that comes “free” in the Members Area, has increased dramatically … and we continue to add to it at an accelerating pace.

And the more that “they” continue to prove how spineless and deliberately misleading that they are prepared to be, the more that we will continue to offer you a safe passage out of the troubled waters that they are fomenting around us.

So the advice, is the same as it has always been guys …

… cover you ass, and cover your assets!

So until next week’s “That Was The Week That Was”,

Be safe … but above all else … be smart!


Take special care,

Kris Karlsson



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