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Kris_KarlssonHello and Welcome to a slightly belated, and indeed slightly different, “That Was The Week That Was”!

In truth, this week’s report is actually more of a “return-visit” … more of a “That Was The Week That LAST Week Was”!

And here’s why.

When I touched on the Portuguese election last week, I did seem to unintentionally “tread on a few toes”.

In that regard then, my thanks goes out to a Q Bytes reader, who I can only assume is Portuguese, who contacted me regarding my coverage of the election results there.

He quite rightly pointed out that, as is so often the case, not all is quite as it appears in politics!

No surprises there then!

I had suggested that the President of Portugal had intervened in the election, and had refused to sanction a Left coalition, preventing them from forming a coalition government.

And while that is true, he pointed out that things are a little more complex than that, and so I happily take his observation on board, and will attempt to clarify as best I can, what I was trying to say!

On a general note, I guess I had hoped to not get too embroiled and dragged into the minutiae of Portuguese politics.

I was actually just trying to highlight the level of external interference that EU member States have to endure, both at the hands of unelected EU leaders, and more especially, at the hands of Central Banker diktats, as well as from the financial markets in general, due to Banking controlled Bond markets in particular.

Such unwarranted interference then, has been a happening for a very long time now, and has meant that the political “waters” of both Left and Right wing parties, have been deliberately “muddied” by financial “pragmatism”, instead of being left free to run on “principle”.

That transformation has been instigated by Central Banking financial policy makers, who “shoehorn” policies into existence, that intentionally ride rough-shod over the rights of both Nation States and their peoples, removing from the the right to make decisions for themselves.

Hence a Supra National edifice and nation-state-shredding organization like the EU then, fits “iron-hand-into-velvet glove” with the “power behind the EU throne” agenda, of Central Banking.

Which is why, therefore, the three members of the Troika triumvirate make such natural bedfellows!

Anyway, for the sake of clarity, and still very much obviously as an outsider looking in, I’ll once again don my metaphoric ‘haz-mat’ suit, dive in, and attempt to clarify what I was actually trying to say!

But first of all though, some background.

Below, is a graphical representation of how the Portuguese election ended up.


The incumbent Centre-Right ruling coalition, who have presided over the imposition of that EU/Banking Troika’s austerity agenda, is made up of three parties out of the 22 that exist in Portugal, and is led by Pedro Passos Coelho.

It is called the “Forward Portugal Alliance” (PaF) and appears in blue on the image above.

The PaF coalition did indeed win more votes (38.6%) than their main rivals, the Socialist Party (32.4%) shown in green, headed by the former mayor of Lisbon, Antonio Costa.

The PaF also won the largest number of seats.

However, crucially, they won 17 fewer seats than in the previous election, and hence failed to secure necessary 116 seats in the country’s 230-seat parliament, needed in order to win an over all majority.

Losing their working majority like that was a bitter blow for the coalition, and it left the path clear for the parties of the Left, to try to form a coalition of their own.

Antonio Costa claimed the moral high ground, by insisting that 62% of the electorate that had voted either Socialist, Left Bloc, Green, Communist, or other, and hence had essentially voted against the continuation of austerity policies.

The coalition that he was trying to pull together, would end up with parliamentary majority of just 51%, but it was enough.

On the other hand, Coelho of the PAF it seems, found himself unable to recruit any more parties into his “coalition of the willing” and hence could not match the numbers that the Left could muster.

Part of the problem seems to have been that Coelho and his PaF coalition had been dubbed by some in the press, as being “more Troika than the Troika”, making their stance, and hence the Portuguese people’s choice, unusually clear.

Many even regarded the election as a referendum on austerity.

However, as is so often the case with idealistic, splintered Left Wing parties, they initially had difficulty in agreeing on a unified platform of policies, as you might imagine.

As we know, trying to get idealistic Leftists to agree on much at all really, let alone on a common platform of policies for national government, can be a bit like trying to herd cats!

Those squabbling, shoot yourself-in-the-foot delays then, combined with the President’s adamant intervention, making it known that he would not sanction an anti-Troika coalition, led to the President making his fragile and untenable decision, to allow a “minority coalition” to form the government.

The decision though, in the words of Antonio Costa, did little but “waste time”.

Perhaps he knew that the Left’s potential “majority government-in-waiting”, was hell bent on bringing down the Rightist PaF coalition anyway.

Despite that almost certain prospect, the President, who is in fact constitutionally responsible for sanctioning and essentially “rubber stamping” any new government, made his controversial decision, the one that grabbed headlines around the world, i.e. that a even a fatally weak Troika-supporting “minority government” (that would essentially be unable to “govern” at all) was still preferable to him, to the guaranteed “resistance to the Troika”, promised by the Left-wing coalition.

Inevitably it seems though, the Presidents worst fears have been realised.

As recently as just this past Friday, following a similar agreement between the Socialists and Left Bloc, Portugal’s Communist Party (who attracted a crucial 10% of the vote) have also announced that “conditions are now in place”, for the creation of the long delayed Left coalition “government-in-waiting”, to finally “sing from the same hymn sheet” and hence potentially soon oust of the interim PaF minority coalition.

And that development essentially brings us up to date, as of the time of writing, and it will be interesting to say the least, to see how things develop in Portugal in the coming weeks and months.

But, if the Greek Syriza Party “game plan” is followed and is anything to go by, then the windy rhetoric of “Left Bloc” in particular, will eventually fizzle out under unremitting pressure from the Troika, as they remorselessly find a way to have their own way in the end.

Anyway, hopefully, the above at least goes some way towards addressing my “toe-treading” article from last week!

I certainly didn’t intend to come across as supporting either Right or Left parties, that’s for sure.

As those who know me will readily attest, I’m very much NOT a party political guy!

I subscribe more to the words of two men, both long dead now unfortunately, who understood more than most are ever even prepared to contemplate, about the “dangers to principle”, of the Two-Party Political viper … or as is the case in most Western Democracies (including Portugal, with its 22 parties) … the hydra-headed beast of multi-party politics!

It was the second President of the United States, John Adams, a man who always chose his words very carefully, and who was not prone to exaggeration, who had the following to say about those dangers …


There is nothing which I dread so much, as a division of the Republic

into two great parties, each arranged under its leader,

and concerting measures in opposition to each other.

This, in my humble apprehension, is to be

dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.


His predecessor, the first President, George Washington, was in full agreement with him, and had already expanded on the same topic …


“The alternate domination, of one faction over another,

sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension,

which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself, a frightful despotism.

3It leads at length, to a more formal and permanent Despotism.


The disorders and miseries which result, gradually incline the minds

of men to seek security and repose, in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later, the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or

more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.


The “individual” that Washington spoke of, could just as well have been a “collective Individual” voice, like that of the present Troika, whose policies are being embedded into the lives of all people, all over Europe, without so much as a single vote being cast their way.

Without doubt, that collective “individual” has ushered in the era of the “Permanent Despotism” of usurious Debt Slavery.

In the West especially then, entire generations have been “born into” this current Central Banking Zeitgeist, and ironically, it is the very “Party Politics” that the Founders so assiduously warned us against, that is now rampant and dictating to us what the “new normal” is.

Grand-fathered in, as it seems to have been, by what is now centuries of the usurpation of principle, most have lost sight of the more pure old ways of arranging our affairs.

The current political landscape has become so firmly entrenched, that it is now considered so normal, that it is held up to be the very pinnacle of democracy and diversity!

But that “diversity” is simply the old wedge of “divide & conquer”, by another name.

It is the very same wedge that they use to artificially separate us, and to turn us against one another over trivial matters; matters that could easily be resolved, but for the lack of a just monetary system, the one thing that they will never allow us to vote on by the way!

In the end, most Right Wing vs Left Wing political differences can be reduced down to varying priorities over the allocation of scarce resources anyway.

But the very reason for the “scarcity” in the first place (a wholly artificially created one) is the lack of justice in the current usurious monetary system; a foundational monetary system that most of us have become immune to even questioning!

The early Founders though, were “cut from a different cloth”, and were acutely aware of the vital crux of the matter, and history is replete with the scathing comments of Presidents and politicians back then, who knew, exactly and absolutely, who their common enemy was.

Sadly, we have somehow lost that level of enlightened discernment and wisdom.

It was the 3rd President then, Thomas Jefferson, who uttered the following words, that are as true today, as they were back then …


“Against us, are all timid men, who prefer the calm of Despotism,

to the boisterous sea of Liberty.


We therefore, are likely to preserve the Liberty we have obtained,

only by unremitting labors and perils”


History has already proven that the American people were unable to find the necessary moral fibre and courage to engage in those “unremitting labors and perils” … neither were the people of any other country for that matter, able to find them either.

The “calm of Despotism” that Jefferson observed I’m afraid though, is alive and well, a fact that is more than attested to by the sight of Right-leaning voters, queuing up to vote for Troika-supporting parties, a Triad that promotes a hugely Leftist raft of policies, imposed on the people of Europe by an unelected, non-democratically appointed, merely “selected” EU leadership, that is more reminiscent of a Politbureau, than a democratically elected body.

Hence we now witness the ironic spectacle in Portugal, where only because of the necessity of having to “get into bed” with Left Bloc and the Communists, are the Socialists even having this controversy!

Left to their own devices, they too likely, just like the PaF, would have “begrudgingly” supported Troika Banking demands!

Hence it’s even more ironic, that it has literally taken the Communist and Left Bloc Parties, to even challenge the Banking hegemony.

So are these minor parties then, likely to succeed in throwing off the shackles of Troika Central Banking?

That’s highly unlikely … especially given that one of the 10 central planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, is his insistence on the presence of a Central Bank!

No, the ubiquitous common thread that binds both Left and Right “Wings” together, both Capitalists AND Communists (in ways that neither side will dare admit to) is their common need, even demand for Big State Central Banking!

The Greek “will-they-won’t-they” Syriza charade, went on for months, but still ended in capitulation by Syriza, regarding their austerity-ending promises to the Greek people … and that was with them having won an outright election victory!

With their sister party then, Left Bloc, in many ways setting the anti-Troika anti-austerity agenda, but crucially, only being bit-part player in the prospective coalition government, it’s hard to see how they’re going to be as “successful” as Syriza’s failure even!

But that is the way that the financial Oligarchs de-fuse and de-fang our power.

They divide us up into impotent and ever-smaller partitioned “parties”, to prevent us from rallying to “flags” of pure principle, around which we might otherwise all be able to rally.

The very word “party” though, should perhaps be the biggest clue.

Its root is … “to part” or “to partition off”.

They have partitioned us off from one another, in a classic “Divide & Conquer” move, the kind that is always employed by those who fear a stronger opponent.

The “few” politicians, are indeed weaker than the “many” of the populations they only claim to represent, and their party political machinations often do little more that exploit and exaggerate our minor differences.

Party political differences are merely two masks, disguising one face of power.

Politicians though, build entire careers upon blowing a mere veneer of differentiation out of all proportion, solely for public consumption to garner a few points in the latest opinion poll, managed by one of their hand picked-focus groups of course.

But in the end, the “mask” represents only the marginally different facets of the same, seemingly never-changing Central Banking agenda.


Take care as always until next time,

Kris Karlsson

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