Join us in Panama after the US Elections

What will you be doing the week after the US elections? Whatever the results, it will certainly be time for some thought… and things are not looking good. At least not for the majority.

I know what I’ll be doing the week after the US elections. I will be at a luxury resort in Panama, watching from a distance what is going on, exchanging ideas and helping a select few freedom-loving individuals with their quests to create, protect and grow their wealth – offshore!

People who have heard Richard and I speak know that the Q Wealth Report is not just about money. Wealth has a much wider meaning, extending to well-being and even the common good of the community in which we live. And health is an essential part of wealth! I always keep these thingsĀ in mind when thinking about wealth creation. What goes around – comes around.

If you are ready to do something about your future, to “escape the matrix”, then I cordially invite you to join us in Panama that week in November. For the cost of a vacation, you’ll be getting so much more… as well as a chance to see some of that country we write about so much, both its good sides and bad sides.

More information is on our events website,

See you there!

Peter Macfarlane for The Q Wealth Report

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