“It’s Getting Scary…” Is Western Civilization Doomed?

“We are moving rapidly to a corporatist/fascist model” says Vera Verba for The Q Wealth Report

Things have begun declining rapidly in the US!

Obama’s health care takeover has a lot of normal Americans very angry. I now see and hear angry comments about this plan from non-political types at stores, on the street, etc. But, once these people show up at a meeting and complain, the elites slander them as carrying swastikas (Pelosi), being “funded by billionaires,” and having hidden racism and anger because there is now a black President.

These political elites evidently can’t handle dissent, and so, whoever opposes them is not only incorrect, they must be evil. Hence, we see things like this clip from the vile MSNBC:

We are moving rapidly to a corporatist/fascist model. Not only do we hear an abundance of “those who disagree with us are evil” comments, but the large institutions are lining up with Obama – even groups like the pharma lobby and AARP, whom you would expect to oppose such a system; one that controls pharma companies and will withhold treatment from old folks.

You may now expect the elites to get serious about undermining Talk Radio in the US.

The financial situation (currently in a Bailout Bubble) appears ready to fall apart again, and what happens this time is anyone’s guess.

In Production Versus Plunder, I was forced to conclude (against my initial inclinations) that Western Civilization is doomed. I said that there was a chance to avoid mass systemic collapse, but that it would be difficult. The hard thing (which I did not try to do in the book) is to predict when this happens. This week, it has begun to look more like years rather than decades. Was this just one bad week? I dunno.

So, it’s getting scary. (And there is an overflow of bad news from the EU as well.) I don’t have any specific predictions to throw at you, but the past week has not made me more optimistic.

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