Is this how you define treason?

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Just a thought on the Snowden case…snow

I have been bothered over the years at just how little the US population cares about what is going on with privacy issues.

I am yet confused by the damnification of someone who has pointed out that the government has overstepped its rights, and infringed on personal sovereignty of its citizens.

Currently, there is a world wide manhunt for Snowden. The world continues to laugh as the US oversteps its powers to find and trail him for treason… (how can you down and search the presidential plane of an independent country? – what about diplomatic immunity?).

Any how… look up the definition of Treason. – Here is a link:

As I understand legal issues, the definition of a word is the key part to understanding any legal regulation contract etc….

The key word here, as I understand is “enemies”. It is treason to help the enemies of ones country.

In this case, wasn’t the accused helping the citizens of his own country – by informing them that they were being illegally watched?

So, is the government defining its own citizens as the “enemy”?

The light on the hill continues to shine!


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Is Snowden guilty of treason?  How has the news about what Snowden uncovered changed your behavior online?





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