Ideas Gone Wild! – Paul Rosenberg

How To Play With Ideas

Without Going Nuts!

Most of you don’t remember the good old days, when people accepted the fact that human life included risk. Professors ate DDT to show that it was okay, policemen actually chased criminals (instead of waiting an hour for a dozen guys in black PJs to show up), and teenage boys carried rifles through the subway on their way to ROTC!

But, alas, those days are gone, and we live in a world of obedient bicycle helmet-wearers, kids under adult supervision till they’re thirty, and where fifty million of us express our ‘individuality’ by wearing the same stupid Che Guevara T-shirt.

The world has become filled with people who will accept absolutely anything, except risk. (Imagine these folks at 80: Ready to die, having never actually lived.)

Sure, there are still young people who think they’re being ever-so-cool by rebelling against their parents, but have you ever noticed how they do it? Sex, drugs and bad music! Hey, Funk Master Slick! That’s exactly what your parents did! That is so over… and so utterly boring.

We’re about to take you on a journey through one of the nastiest junkyards on the planet – to the land of true danger – the realm of ideas gone wild!

Get this into your heads now – there ain’t nothing dangerous like an idea. Don’t believe me? Then take it from someone who murdered 20 million of his own guys. This creep knew about danger:

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?

–Joseph Stalin

Trust me, if you ever want to scare people – and I mean REALLY scare the crap out of them – start spreading a completely new idea. It works every time. Now, by “scared,” we don’t mean that they’ll whisper about you behind your back – we mean they’ll keep their children indoors and beg their politicians to “do something about this threat to our way of life!”

And when we say “ideas,” we’re not talking about the wimpy little word-clusters that your teacher shoved down your throat in school; we’re talking about unauthorized thoughts…Ideas that have no pedigree, no track record, no important person’s endorsement – just a raw naked idea that you expose to the world. It’s pretty unlikely that you have any experience with such things, but they are incredible!

You think fire’s a rush? Ha! All the rules are known and all the methods of handling it safely (or not) are clear to anyone who can read a page or two. Playing with fire is passé.

Sex? Sex was old-hat in the Stone Age! Sure, our bodies are designed to love it, but if you think you’re being some kind of rebel by having sex, you REALLY need to crack open that mind of yours. People have been doing nothing much except sex for, what, a million years? Get over yourself.

And drugs? Dude, you haven’t a clue! Pharmicate with yourself all you want, but stewing your brain in a chemical soup is lame, lame, lame, compared to actually using the thing.

Sex and drugs are cheap rebellion, but thinking… that scares the hell out of people. Why else do you think they avoid doing it at all costs? (Do you have any other way to explain the Macarena?)

But as soon as you start to really think for yourself, you’ll find a swarm of voices flying at you, screaming that ideas are dangerous, and that you could end up dead, or – even worse – laughed at.

Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “People do too think!” Ha! we say! They run from it! They exchange a few slogans and repeat a few pre-approved phrases, but not much more. Regurgitating words that you hear from “important” people is NOT thinking!

So, we’re going to show you the most flamboyant ideas-gone-wrong, laugh with you, and help you catch a breath or two between the ever-pounding waves of “Thinking will make the whole tribe hate you!”

More to follow…

Paul Rosenberg is a writer and publisher at Vera Verba Visit his site to read more. He gave a series of presentations on Trusts, Setting your Mind Free, and the Digital Economy at the recent Q Wealth Event, Recipes for Success – Cancun 2008 If you would like to meet him, he is scheduled to be at the next Q Wealth Event in Panama City, Panama, this November.

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