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Q Wealth Logo BlackSeptember 26th 2015

This is the latest Q Bytes weekly newsletter, we do not normally post these to the blog as they are sent via email to subscribers (you can sign up for our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page – Click Here), but because this is the first membership price rise in 17 years, we thought it would be good to post this weeks newsletter for all non Q Bytes subscribers.


Dear Q Bytes Reader,

Inside this issue:

1) Why being a Q Wealth member is more important than ever
2) Existing Members renewal plan clarified
3) Three NEW Reports now available to our members

1) Why being a Q Wealth member is more important than ever

It has been another week of turmoil both socially and economically, with the fall out of Janet Yellen’s announcement that interest rates are to be kept at 0% being perhaps overshadowed by the tragedy in Mecca and the ongoing plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming away from war torn countries.

All this makes for an atmosphere of social and political tension that reinforces our view that the coming financial upheaval is ever-more-likely to happen sometime soon. Quite what this will mean for us all, no one can say with any certainty.

Some people believe we are heading for a fiscal collapse, such as the Great Depression of the 1930’s, when Germany saw the Deutschmark plummet as never before. Extreme predictions warn that this time the collapse will be global, with currencies devalued by as much as 50-90%.

Others are talking about a “re-set”, with currencies perhaps ultimately being tagged back to the gold standard. Others still envisage a less-cataclysmic “correction” with a period of slow, long term rebuilding to follow.

Whichever way things turn out, you can be sure that with interest rates held down and negative interest rates now a distinct possibility, a correction of some kind is in the offing.

Can the banks really pump more fake-money into the system with another round of QE? We doubt it, but pretty much anything is possible in the topsy-turvy times in which we live.

What we can say for sure is that at Q Wealth we will continue to bring you solutions rather than simply scaremongering. Yes, it’s important to know what you may be up against, but only if you can use that information to plan your route to survival and success.

With this in mind, we are regularly adding new reports to our members’ area and bringing our members practical services and solutions (one being an efficient way for US citizens to safeguard their IRA). You can see more details of the latest additions.
If you have not already enrolled for one of our membership packages, we genuinely believe that it is more important than ever to take action right now…. You can check them out here

There is no doubt that we are entering a time of great instability, during which it will pay to be kept informed of the latest developments in different countries. Q Wealth’s panel of experts are scattered across pretty much every continent and will continue to offer you a breadth and range of advice that is hard to find anywhere else.


Membership Fees to Increase on October 1st

With just a few days to go until our membership fees increase (for the first time in 17 years!) we invite all Q Bytes readers to take advantage of the current price-structure.

To remind you:

Regular Membership will increase from $99 to $197

Premium Membership will increase from $187 to $397

Find out exactly what is in each new and improved package here:


2) Existing Q Wealth members renewal plan

Several members have written to us to ask for clarification on their renewal plan. To confirm: all current members will be able to renew at the existing rates, whenever your membership fees become due. Increased rates are for new members only.

We hope that helps!


3) Three more reports in our members’ area

As indicated above, we have added three more reports to our members’ area this week. In no particular order, these are:

Umbrella Remuneration Trusts and Asset Trusts Explained, by Tim Thorne

Following on from Tim’s recent articles, we now have a detailed report on how to set up both of the structures mentioned above. Please note that these are useful to clients who either live in or have business interests in the United Kingdom. Tim’s report is in the Q Wealth Reports section of our members’ area. To read it, login here:

If you missed any of Tim’s latest articles, please take a look at them on our blog here.

Inside the Special Reports section, you will also find the following:

Offshore Pilot: Quarterly Review by Derek Sambrook

September’s Offshore Pilot Quarterly reflects on the regulatory revolution that has proven to be a road to hell for some, even although it is paved with good intentions.

Away from the friction the last part of the newsletter turns to fiction to explain, in part, why so many governments perceive any offshore business to have been devised by Dante!

Information Line by Asset Strategies International

Asset Strategies International is a company we have had a long association with. Made up of a group of people who keep their pulse on all things to do with gold and precious metals, we are happy to bring you their latest Information Line bulletin which includes commentary on current gold trends and advice on why silver may be a good bet as you look to diversify your nest-egg into different baskets.

We continue to work on our updated Gold Report and will let you know as soon as this is available. In the meantime, should any of you wish to have a consultation with one of the Q Wealth experts, please email Frederick on with the word “questionnaire” in the subject line and he will get that ball rolling for you.

With best wishes,

The Q Wealth Team.

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