How Are Your Computer Security Habits?

computer security choicesIf you’ve read our new computer security report, The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals, then you will recognize the analogy used about computer security and the number of locks you have on your front door. How many locks, or layers of security, do have to pass through in order to get into your home? Do you sleep well at night knowing you’ve done your best to protect your home and family? The same is true for layers of security on your computing devices. How many layers do you need to feel that your privacy and security are protected?

Even though you have in place security measures for your home, and even your computing devices, something is still needed. You actually have to use those measures. If not, all your efforts are to no avail. So it is a reasonable question, “How Are Your Computer Security Habits?”

A recent article makes an interesting point that ‘YOU are the computer security problem!’ One of our favorite computer security authors, Graham Cluley write about this and it is an interesting read here:

YOU are the Computer Security Problem!


Today law enforcement agencies warned the public about the Dridex malware that has been targeting customer of online banks for the last year or so.

Interestingly, Dridex doesn’t rely upon any vulnerabilities or sneaky shortcuts in its quest to infect your Windows PC. Instead, the malicious hackers spam out their attacks as email attachments using social engineering lures to trick potential victims into opening, say, a poisoned Word document and enabling macros to allow the malicious code to run.

In other words, you allowed your computer to become infected by Dridex by opening an unsolicited email attachment, and then perhaps gave its malicious macro to run.

How are you going to “patch the bug in your brain” that so many internet attacks rely upon?


How do you learn about some practical computer habits to adopt?

We recommend our report The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals. In the report you will learn about five different layers of computer security to consider. You can implement one or more or all of the layers. If you like, we can help you do that. The important thing is to have the layers of computer security that make sense for you, and then USE them. If not, then you really are part of the security problem. Remember, the security and privacy of your personal information is within your control. Read the report and start to protect yourself now.

Here is a video from Frederick D. our Computer Security Expert… See what he has to say here about Computer Security Solutions.

We’d like to thank our friends at Graham Cluley for compiling the above information. The full article can be found here.

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