Finger on the pulse for Freedom, Wealth and Privacy

by Peter Macfarlane, non-resident banking and asset protection expert and joint editor of The Q Wealth Report

“We’re disillusioned.” “Fed up with the way things are.” “Obama stands for oppression.”

Those are just a few of the many comments people send me every single day. People are out there desperately searching for the kind of material we publish about Freedom, Wealth and Privacy. Ever since we started offering our free five part Secrets of the Super Rich course by e-mail, we have also sent out an additional e-mail soliciting feedback from readers. Plus, as most readers of this blog will know, I encourage all paid subscribers to approach our office for free informal advice, consultations and referrals.

Please be assured that, although at times another member of staff will reply, I personally read each and every one of these comments. And any consultations about offshore banking, investing, asset protection and so on are channeled to me (other topics are handled by other members of the Q Wealth Experts panel)

We’ve been getting a lot of new subscribers recently. So you can imagine my workload. I’m sorry if you have contacted me and there has been a delay replying. But I love this work and I think it’s the only way to keep my finger on the pulse. If I were a politician I would call it “listening to the grass roots.”

And what a strong signal is coming from those grass roots these days! People want out. They want out of the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and many other places. But what they are opting out of is not so much the countries, but the system. And I use the singular intentionally even though I’m referring to many countries. The system has become totally oppressive. Fortunately, Q Wealth is dedicated to empowering individuals to regain control of their lives and escape the ratrace that is the first or developed world today.

‘They’ used 9-11 to take away our civil rights. Now ‘they’ have used the financial crisis to take away a lot of our financial rights and our very own money! Who do you think is paying for the huge bailouts going on now? You, of course, dear reader. You are taking on debt in the name of future generations. Your kids growing up in this system will either be burdened with debt for several generations, or the system will have to go bankrupt. I predict the latter.

Fortunately, the secret is out. You can opt out of the system. More and more people are voting with their feet, taking their pounds and dollars offshore where it can still buy something of value. They are still a tiny minority, but a very fast growing minority.

Some of us are more natural gamblers than others. Some are happy moving offshore on a shoestring budget, confident in their abilities to make money and create long term wealth… from a new offshore, tax-free base somewhere in paradise.

Although we’re originally from the UK, you won’t have missed the fact that we are pretty keen on Latin America these days. Your money goes further and the quality of life is better. Above all, there is less stress… and you can make money on the internet by managing your capital, or through active e-commerce businesses, or even manage onshore real estate portfolios from offshore with a big tax advantage over your competitors.

Others will move offshore for purely ideological reasons. It’s about getting the government out of our hair. Escaping the culture of fear. Even many people who are in the system are disillusioned. I liked the recent comments of Dame Stella Rimmington, former head of the British Secret Service MI5 (the real life version of ‘M’ portrayed by Judi Dench in the Bond movies) who said of the terrorism threat: “It would be better that the government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, precisely one of the objects of terrorism.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I opted out of this rotten system a long time ago and you would never get me back. Offshore is more a state of mind than a place. A physical move, maybe a second passport, brings the most benefits. But you can start moving offshore, start creating that safety net or back-up plan, without leaving home – especially if your profession or business is portable. Now is the time. Don’t delay any longer, otherwise you will lose some of the advantage.  The word is out!

If you are looking for practical advice on Freedom, Wealth and Privacy, you have come to the right place. Here at The Q Wealth Report we don’t believe in scaring people. Like Dame Stella, we believe that we should all be prudent and recognize there are risks – and a lot of those risks have to do with the financial and political system that we cannot control. But rather than sitting crying to ourselves, or trying to swim against the current, let’s do something about it. That’s why you are here. Join us on the journey by subscribing to The Q Wealth Report today!

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