End of Year Planning… and Actions

Rich CheckanBy Rich Checkan

Once end of year holidays are upon us, our attention will be fully devoted to family and friends… and rightly so. That is why now is the critical time to address your year-end financial issues.

To that end, I would like to share our clear and focused message delivered to many of you at the conferences we attended this fall. I have received plenty of positive feedback on the clear and actionable objectives, and a large number of you have already put these simple steps to work for your benefit.

In addition, I’d like to address a few things to think about regarding IRAs as well.

First, our suggested year-end actions to consider…

  1. Take profits.
  2. Consider precious metals tax swaps.
  3. Diversify into real tangible assets.

Together, these three simple steps offer a powerful end of year strategy. Let’s look at each item in turn…

Take Profits

Let’s face it. The stock market is where people have been making money – at least on paper – since the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Our good friend, Steve Sjuggerud of Daily Wealth, encouraged all of us to invest in the market in the aftermath of the crisis. For that recommendation, he was ridiculed. Turns out… he was right.

If you listened to him, you participated in an amazing 6-year bull run in stocks.

Well, Steve’s message in Las Vegas in October was to disregard the naysayers calling for an imminent collapse of the stock market from current levels. He expects more gains are coming before we see an eventual and inevitable correction.

I pay attention to Steve. His track record dictates I should.

But, do two things to protect yourself…

  1. Make sure to put trailing stops in place in case the market falls calamitously.
  2. Rebalance. Skim profits off the top. After all, they aren’t profits until you actually take them.

Consider Precious Metals Tax Swaps

This is a great way to offset the tax due on the profits you just took.

I won’t go into this simple strategy in detail in this article. We wrote in detail about it in our March Information Line newsletter. You can read the full article here.

Two things are important to note…

First, the time to do a precious metals tax swap is not driven by the calendar. It is driven by the prices of precious metals. You want to employ this strategy at the price lows. This way, the cost to do the tax swap is at the lowest point, and the loss you capture to offset gains is at the greatest point.

Right now, we are at the lows.

Second, consult your CPA, Financial Planner or Tax Attorney before moving forward. If you would like, we are happy to speak with him or her as well.

Diversify Into Tangible Assets

With your newly found and tax advantaged profits, take advantage of the strong U.S. dollar to bring some meaningful diversity to your portfolio with real, tangible assets… precious metals, rare coins, rare strategic metals or rare stamps.

And be sure to ask how you can get an additional 5% end of year bonus on rare stamps and world and ancient coins through Stanley Gibbons.

Lastly… a few thoughts on IRAs…

First, and most important, if you are in a position where you must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), you need to get started immediately. If we don’t begin the process in earnest by December 10th, we most likely will not be able to complete the process by year-end.

Second, give some serious thought to buying precious metals now… at the lowest precious metals prices we have seen in 7 years… in your IRA. A safe and cost-effective option is through the purchase of Perth Mint Certificates.

Third, consider buying precious metals in your IRA online. ASI Precious Metals Direct offers storage in New York, Salt Lake and Zurich. But, the best parts about an online IRA through ASIPMD are the ease and control you have over the process.

I know of no more efficient platform for establishing and maintaining a precious metals IRA. Further, you have total control… on your time schedule and without the need to contact or work through any dealers or IRA trustees/administrators. You access – and control – your precious metals directly online through the use of a secure, password-protected login.

It has never been easier to place precious metals in your IRA. Don’t wait until March or April. Take advantage of the strong dollar and bring some wealth insurance to your retirement assets today.


Rich Checkan

Rich Checkan is CEO of Asset Strategies International, specialists in Precious Metals. To read more from Rich and his associates, including the monthly Information Line, enrol as a QWealth member here:

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