Does your VPN service use compromised hardware?

vpnWhat? What compromised hardware?

Check out this article about popular firewall hardware from a leading company that has issued an advisory about some of their products.

The firewall manufacturer, Juniper Networks, has just reported that there is a backdoor to their high-end enterprise products that “giv[e] attackers access to admin functions and the ability to decrypt supposedly-secure encrypted VPN traffic.”

Why is that significant? There are at least two reasons.

  1. “It appears the problem may have been present in Juniper firewalls for years.” Yes… “for years!”
  2. Juniper Networks equipment is “used by thousands of large companies around the world to protect themselves from unwanted access from the outside.”

Does the company you work for use Juniper Networks high-end equipment? If so, hopefully your IT department received the advisory and is applying the patch during the holiday break.

Does your VPN service use Juniper Networks high-end equipment? That is also serious since the backdoor that was installed allows “the ability to decrypt supposedly-secure encrypted VPN traffic.”

I posed this question to the Support Team at in regards to their Road Warrior VPN product. This is the reply I received.

Hello Frederick,

We do not use any technology from either Juniper or Cisco.


Cryptohippie Support Team

That was good news! Should you check with your VPN service too? Or, should you take advantage of a free one-week trial of Road Warrior? We can set any paid subscriber to the Q Wealth Report with a free one-week trial of the Road Warrior VPN service.

I encourage you to visit the FAQ section of the Cryptohippie web site. Investigate the product thoroughly. Learn for yourself that not all VPN products are created equally. The Road Warrior VPN product and network has been built from the ground up to offer excellence in security and ease of use and that includes the hardware choices they have made to provide the service.. The multi-jurisdictional hops are a unique feature to Cryptohippie that dramatically increases your privacy and security while on the Internet.

Employ a robust and world-class VPN service. This topic, and a recommendation for a VPN, is covered in the section “Secure Your Internet Use” of our report The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals. The security and privacy of your personal information is within your control. Read the report and start to protect yourself now.

Here is a video from Frederick D. our Computer Security Expert… See what he has to say here about Computer Security Solutions.

All thanks and credit for the above article must go to the Graham Cluley at for his article on He is a terrific resource on computer security and I follow his work everyday.

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