Does Fruit Make You Fat? Maybe!

by Jacques Haeringer for The Q Wealth Report

Does fruit make you fat? That’s a question we have, incredibly, been asked a lot of late! The answer: It depends on what you mean by fruit. (Sounds like President Clinton) Actually, like everything else, it is a question of balance!

For most healthy people, fruit and freshly made fruit juices, as well as dried fruits are a very healthful addition to the diet. Those with Diabetes and digestive issues should consult their physicians.

Fruits contain many minerals, vitamins, enzymes and natural fruit sugars that are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Fruit also contains essential fiber which helps stabilize digestive function.

The problem is with pre-made and pre-packaged, canned, processed and sweetened fruit and fruit juices which have lost much of their nutritional value through heating. Even freshly made fruit juices begin to deteriorate and lose nutritional value very rapidly due to oxidation. Denatured fruit is therefore much less bioavailable and therefore unbalanced. The concentration of fruit sugars without the other vital properties could certainly contribute to weight gain.

Enjoy good health with pure whole fresh fruit. Two or three apples or servings of other fresh fruit a day will keep the doctor and weight away.

Note: Nutrition expert and Chef Jacques Haeringer has written a detailed article entitled To Your Health for issue 51 of The Q Wealth Report, because health is an essential part of wealth and well-being. He will also be making a presentation at Recipes for Success, the ultimate guide to healthy and wealthy living, in Panama this November. For further details of Recipes for Success, click here.

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