Are you ready to do something about computer security?

Is this the year you will do something about computer security? There have been plenty of warnings and shots across the bow regarding the need for taking computer security safely. Bad people are out there and they want your personal information. You’ve read the headlines about the hacking of Sony, Home Depot, JP Morgan, eBay, and Target.

Those thefts of data were executed on large corporations with scores of IT professionals (supposedly) monitoring for such attacks. If large corporations are at risk, where does that leave John Q. Public?

What can I do about computer security?

So the question remains, are you ready to do something about computer security? What can a normal person do to protect their personal information, especially while using the Internet?

As it turns out there is a lot an individual can do.

Our sister site,, has the information that normal people need to make informed choices on how much computer security is enough to protect your personal information.

Computer security is all about layers

Computer security is a lot like personal security. We all have lock(s) on our front door, right? How many do you have so that you sleep restfully knowing you and your family are protected? Do you use additional security measures to protect your family? You no doubt have several layers of protection in place so you can sleep peacefully.Computer security layers

The same is true for computer security. can show you what layers of protection are available to you. They will describe to you the relative strengths and weaknesses of each layer, along with the cost. You can choose our top-of-the-line totally secure laptop that is based on Debian Linux. You may also choose to secure your existing Mac or PC using our proven methods.

With a little help you can choose the layers of computer security that are right for you. You will learn about the layers that will protect your personal information while traveling, while at home, while using the Internet.

Introducing the “How to Secure Your Laptop” series

Our sister web site has launched a new series of posts on “How to secure your laptop”. Here is the first installment of that new series. Please give it a read. There will be much more information published in this series. They are also rolling out a new service designed for Mac users so that you can have a secure environment.

We can help you with your computer security

Computer security consequencesWrite to them with your comments, questions and concerns. The important thing is to finally do something about computer security now. Not doing anything will have consequences. The clock is ticking…

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